How To Set The Clock On A Bella Coffee Maker

This Is How To Set The Clock On A Bella Coffee Maker 

Bella stands as a distinguished name in the realm of coffee machines, offering a rare combination of essential and advanced functionalities in its products. Its performance is indeed commendable for its cost. A standout feature in the Bella coffee machines is the programmable clock, which allows you to schedule a brewing time that fits your routine perfectly. Regardless of your activities, when it’s time for coffee, your machine will automatically prepare your beverage. This function proves particularly useful on mornings when time is scarce, and preparing a coffee seems almost impossible. Simply program the machine’s clock, and carry on with your day. This utility might seem particularly impressive for a basic coffee machine like Bella; however, it’s beneficial only if you know how to use it. In this guide, we’re going to walk through how to adjust the clock on a Bella coffee machine.


How Does The Clock Work 

The clock works by having a record of the current time, which you will have to set. Then, you can set the time you want your coffee maker to start brewing. Setting the current time will let the coffee maker know when it’s time to start a brew, so you have to make sure that you set the current time properly. The clock on your coffee maker is only way to be sure that you will have your cup of coffee whenever you want to. And you don’t even need to be awake or around. It is not just about setting the time. To enjoy this feature, you will have to put everything the coffee maker needs for a brew in place. The water should be in the reservoir. The coffee grounds in the brew basket and the carafe are properly placed on the drip tray. 


How To Set The Clock On My Bella Coffee Maker 

Setting the clock on your Bella coffee maker is easy, but that does nothing to the fact that you have to carefully follow all the steps to make sure you do it right. We will go ahead and consider the steps involved. 

  • Measure out the desired amount of water. While it’s okay for you to just fill the reservoir with water, I will advise that you weigh it if you don’t know how much coffee you will. Although, there is nothing wrong with filling the reservoir 
  • Measure out the desired amount of coffee and pour it into the brew basket. The amount of coffee that you will need is to be 16 times lesser than the water in weight. This is the golden rule of coffee brewing and it has been confirmed to produce great results. 
  • Properly place the carafe on the drip tray to avoid spillage. You know you might not be there when it’s brewing. 
  • Turn on the coffee maker and you will see the screen light up. You will have the prog/bold button and the hour and minute button on the panel. 
  • The next step is to set the time to the current time. You can do this by using the hour and minute button. At the top of the screen, it will indicate if it’s AM or PM. Although, the first 12:00 that will show is in AM. When you cycle through and get to another 12:00 then that is PM. 
  • Once you’re done setting the time, press the prog/bold button. The screen will begin to blink. Asking you when you would love the coffee maker to start brewing. 
  • Set the desired brewing time, by using the hour and minute buttons just the way you did for the current time. The prog/bold button will illuminate showing you that the coffee maker is in prog mode. 
  • Go about your business as you want, because you’re sure your coffee is settled and you will have it when you want to. 

Why Is The Clock On My Bella Coffee Maker Not Working 

Every coffee maker troubleshoots including Bella coffee maker. These troubles can also involve the clock on your coffee maker not working. It could be associated with a lot of things including sticky buttons, or too much limescale. You have to know that it is not an indication that your coffee maker is faulty or damaged. It might just need a little bit of attention. Cleaning your coffee maker is one of the first steps to fixing any issue with coffee makers. That is why it is advised that you descale your coffee maker frequently. So if the clock on your coffee maker is not working, the first step is to clean it and see if the issue will persist. Check that the buttons are not stuck. If after these, it’s still not working, you might have to get it checked or you can place a call through to Bella customer support for further assistance. To avoid any issues with your coffee maker, make sure you always maintain and keep it in order at all times. Clean after every use and keep it dry as much as possible. 


Although Bella coffee maker is basic, it does pretty well for its price. That is why it has amazing features that are usually found on advanced coffee makers. To enjoy this feature, make sure you maintain your coffee maker properly so it’s always in a good shape. Also, make sure that you follow the steps for setting the clock carefully to avoid any disappointments. It is one thing to expect a cup of coffee, it is an entirely different thing to get what you expected. That is if you don’t set the clock right. Other than that, you can be sure of your cup of coffee when you want it.