How to Use the Clean Button on Krups Coffee Maker

Why is it Important to Clean a Coffee Maker?

Coffee machines are utilized nearly daily, leading to them becoming dirty over time. With each coffee brewing session, mineral deposits accumulate in the coffee maker.

According to the water quality association, these deposits are the by-product of hard water. Hard water has dissolved salts, primarily from calcium and magnesium, becoming deposits in the coffee maker.

The result of these deposits is altered taste in coffee, slow brewing, more steam in the coffee maker, and slow pouring. Hence it becomes essential to clean the coffee maker on a daily basis.

To use the clean button of a Krups coffee maker means removing the buildup of these salts, which Krups notes have the potential to affect the performance of its coffee makers. Removing these deposits also removes the bad taste associated with coffee that’s brewed with hard water

Why Krups?

Krups is an excellent and well-recognized brand in coffee makers. Its coffee makers are user-friendly. They are convenient and easy to use. You can buy coffee and espresso makers of the same brand.

You can get great coffee. These coffee makers are offer fuller, more balanced, and give you more actual coffee flavor at home.

How Often Should I Descale My Coffee Maker?

Descaling of coffee maker depends on the hardness of your water and how you use your coffee machine. You can descale the Krups coffee maker between 20-40 cups.

You can also know the descaling time when your coffee machine takes longer to brew, stops early, or starts pushing out far too much steam.

Why is it Essential to Clean your Krups Coffee Maker Regularly?

When we brew coffee, oil deposits, hard water deposits, and many other impurities can be built up in the coffee makers with time. If you will not remove them, then it is impossible to enjoy a fresh coffee cup.


Because the original coffee taste is altered with these deposits when you clean the coffee maker regularly, it does not allow all these residues to built up, and you can enjoy your desired coffee cup.

When Should You Use the Clean Button of a Krups Coffee Maker?

You need to use the clean button when the clean light comes on the Krups coffee maker. It means your coffee maker needs cleaning.

The rule of thumb says that descaling should be done once a month or after a 20 to 40 brews cycle. However, we should regularly clean the coffee maker to avoid any problems.

When your coffee maker is slow, takes more time to brew, or produces a lot of streams, stops before completing a cycle, and makes a lot of noise, all these indicate that it is time to use the clean button.

How to Use the Clean Button on Krups Coffee Maker

Things You Need

Krups descaling solution or vinegar


Equipment Needed

Krups coffee maker

Step 1-Unclip the water reservoir and fill it with Krups descaling solution. You can also make a solution of vinegar and water at home. Take 50/50 both.

Step 2-Put a large receptacle beneath the outlet.

Step 3-Fill the water tank and press the “Clean” button on the Krups coffee maker.

Step 4-Select “Brew.” It will start the cleaning process, which will take about half an hour to complete.

Step 5-If the descaling solution will not leave the water reservoir of the coffee maker altogether, press the “Clean” button again.

Step 6-Once the descaling process is complete, fill the water reservoir again with fresh water.

Step 7-Go for 2-3 brew cycles using freshwater only to remove all the vinegar and water solution from the coffee maker.

Step 8-Fit a new cartage

Your Krups coffee maker is all ready to brew a cup of coffee. Enjoy!

How to Clean the Exterior of a krups Coffee Maker

Cleaning a surface of a coffee machine is equally important as an interior. It should be adequately cleaned as well as it is more exposed to dust.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Unplug the coffee maker
  • Take a damp cloth and a little soapy water.
  • Make sure that the cloth doesn’t soak wet.
  • Now wipe down the exterior of the coffee maker.
  • Wash and dry the drip tray.

Bottom Line

To prolong the life of a coffee machine, it is essential to clean it regularly. Specially formulated KRUPS descaling solution and vinegar are arguably similar in their cleaning power. However, the manufacturer’s descaler is crafted to maintain its models.

It does not matter how you descale the coffee machine; the important thing is to descale it. To keep Krups coffee maker in the best possible conditions, clean it regularly. Not only does this outstanding grant durability, but it keeps your coffee-tasting barista fresh every time.