🥇☕What Is the Best Automatic Coffee Machine in 2022

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As a coffee lover, one of the best ways to enjoy the best coffee is to brew it from the comfort of your kitchen. You can become your own barista at home and entertain your guests with delicious homemade coffee. With the best machine, you can brew anything from lattes to espressos and Americanos to cappuccinos. For this to be possible, you will need a coffee machine. Automatic coffee machines are some of the best in the market today.

If you are considering getting an automatic coffee machine, it is essential to take your time to first learn as much as possible about these machines. Unlike their manual counterparts, automatic machines come with programmable features and thus require a bit of knowledge and understanding of how they work.

Automatic coffee machine options 

When it comes to automatic coffee machines, there are numerous options in the market. The main difference between these machines is the level of automation or dependability of human effort to brew coffee. Basically, automatic coffee machines need to be started by human effort. After this, the rest of the coffee brewing time can be semi or fully automated. It uses a pre-set timer to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

A close look in the market will reveal that very few machines are labelled as automatic. This is because most automatic machines fall under the semi-automatic or the super-automatic categories.

Semi-automatic coffee machines 

With a semi-automatic machine, you can control grind settings and pull time to control the final coffee result. Just like other machines, semi-automatic machines require you to grind and tamp your coffee, giving you more control of your ground’s strength and quality. This can be a bit confusing if you have never done it before, but once you get used to it, it is a relatively straightforward process.

A semi-automatic machine is the best choice for anyone who wants to have a bit of control over the quality of their coffee while at the same time not having to think about the complexities of the actual brewing process.

Super-automatic coffee machines 

These types of machines come with all the bells and whistles. They come with inbuilt grinders, milk frothing systems, and tamping settings for your coffee. Once you hit the start button, you can relax as you wait for the machine to complete the coffee-making process. Some super-automatic machines come with specific customization options for anyone who wants to have a bit of control over their coffee making.

What you can make using automatic coffee machines 

Straight espressos – this drink is the base of most caffeinated beverages. If you prefer to enjoy it plain, you can make expresso from home with an automatic coffee machine. Automatic coffee machines are the secret to deliciously made home espresso.

Americano – if you find espresso too strong, you can make it easier to consume by making it into an americano. Made from half water and half espresso, this is a diluted version of an espresso. A high-end automatic machine will ensure you enjoy the flavor of espresso in an americano.

Ristretto – this is a coffee type where half the water is used in the brewing process, and the other half added after the brewing process. This is a perfect choice if you like your espresso not too strong. An automatic machine can make the best ristretto.

Lungo – this is a type of americano brewed slightly differently. For Lungo, the water is added during the brewing process and not afterward, as it is common with an americano. These can be made with semi-automatic coffee machines.

Macchiatos – With the best automatic coffee machine, you can make any variation of the macchiato, be it an espresso macchiato or a latte one. You will need an automatic machine with a steaming wand to make this type of coffee.

Lattes – Even though it is possible to make a latte without an automatic machine, making one with these machines guarantees a richer taste. You should buy an automatic machine with a milk frothing wand if you love your espresso with a bit of milk.

Cappuccino – This is an Italian drink that can be made with the best automatic coffee machine. The machine you buy should be able to process espresso, milk, and milk foam.

Recommendations for the best automatic coffee machines 

Saeco Incanto Classic Milk Frother Super Automatic Espresso Machine


The Saeco Incanto classic is a super-automatic coffee machine made in an elegant design, quality material, and high-end workmanship. It is a large capacity machine with an 8.8oz bean container and a 15x waste container. This machine will brew each cup of coffee the way you program it. It saves these settings in the memo function to ensure you can command a brew with a push of a button. It is made with a 100% ceramic disc grinder to ensure consistency in grinding performance and maintaining the coffee taste. If you are a lattes and cappuccinos lover, this machine comes with a milk frothing wand that allows you to control the milk frothing into your cup.

Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Whether you want to enjoy plain hot water, espressos, espresso Lungo or americanos, this fully automatic machine from Phillips places coffee making right on your fingertips. The intuitive touch display makes it easy for you to know how long it will take for your coffee to be ready. You can adjust the quantity and aroma strength of your coffee while the 12-step grinder setting allows you to pick how coarse or fine you prefer your coffee grinds. The aroma seal ensures your beans remain fresh for longer while in the machine. With this machine, you can make up to 5000 coffee cups before the need to descale.

De’Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine

The De’Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine works in a true-brew process to deliver a full-bodied iced coffee. This is the perfect machine if you prefer your coffee cold. With a heat-up time of less than forty seconds, this machine ensures you can have your coffee ready in a short time. The bean to cup coffee making system ensures that you can enjoy coffee from freshly ground coffee beans every time you command this machine to brew. The manual frother allows you to customize your milk foam and steam to give you your ideal cappuccino or latte. Grind your coffee using the 13-step inbuilt burr grinder to get coarse to supper smooth coffee texture. The brew unit is removable and dishwasher friendly, making this machine one of the easiest to clean.


There you have it, everything you need to know about the best automatic coffee machines. What is the best automatic coffee machine? It would be one that offers speed, consistency, and ease of use. With any of the three recommendations above, you are sure to enjoy all these features and so much more. Click here to read more about our best nitro cold brew keg reviews.

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