Moulinex Subito Coffee Maker How To Use

Moulinex, known for producing domestic appliances, additionally provides a selection of coffee machines designed for home use. The Moulinex Subito brand focuses on manufacturing drip coffee machines, with its designs frequently enjoying high popularity among consumers.

Moulinex Subito Coffee Maker: Simple Functions

Moulinex Subito filter coffee makers are very simple, functional, and economical. They have two sizes: the standard Subito with a 12-15 cup capacity and the Moulinex Subito Mini with a 6 cup capacity. Featuring the same functions and finishes, the metal front and stainless steel finish, they are both identical. There are two colors to choose from: metallic grey and deep red, which we think is much more attractive.

However, Moulinex’s Subito line includes many other products as well, including roasters and kettles, which means that this artistic name is not exclusive to just coffee makers

Moulinex Subito Coffee Maker: Sizes And Performance

Despite its looks, as we had already mentioned in the introduction, the Moulinex Subito is a very simple coffee maker. Although it is cheap and easy to use, we can’t expect it to provide any surprises in terms of options or features.

It’s a coffee maker focused on the essentials: this Moulinex Subito has a transparent water level on the left side of the appliance so you can see how much water remains in the tank at any given time. At this level, we see a scale in both normal and large cups of coffee.

Unlike other coffee makers, the Moulinex Subito coffee maker is designed in such a way that when the carafe is accidentally removed or without notice, the coffee does not spill.

You can use the classic 1 * 4 paper filters with these Moulinex Subito coffee makers, and all you have to do to open it is turn the pivoting bracket outwards. By removing the top you can easily pour the ground coffee into the filter or add extra coffee to the tank.

A single On/Off switch is located at the base of the coffee maker and is the only control or button present on it. The process is as simple as it gets: pour in the water, add the ground coffee, and press the button. It is hard to imagine a simpler solution than that.

Coffee Making With The Moulinex Subito

You can brew not just coffee with the coffee maker, but you can also brew tea and herbal teas. It is, therefore, necessary to prepare the ingredients before beginning the work. You will need two teaspoons of coffee powder for each serving. You’ll need about 100 ml of water, but for a strong drink, you’ll need less.

Moulinex Subito Coffee Maker Preparation

A new coffee maker requires you to prepare the drink first before you can prepare it in the appliance. The purpose of this is to get a delicious, aromatic cup of coffee without any unpleasant odor or taste. A proper cleaning begins with boiling to remove dust from the coffee maker

Step 1. Pour water into the tank and turn on the coffee maker. 

Step 2. After the water boils, drain it and repeat the process. This will eliminate the dust and kill the microbes. 

Step 3. Once you have done so, you can use the coffee maker as intended.

Pros Of The Moulinex Subito Coffee Maker

  1. The interfaces are so simple and easy to use, you almost miss having more options!
  2. Colors are striking, and the stainless steel finishes are of great quality for something so inexpensive. 
  3. Filling the tank and changing the filter is easier with the pivoting filter holder. You don’t have to open the lid and do everything from a hole like you would with other drip coffee makers
  4. Even though Moulinex Subito is very basic, its price to performance ratio is unbeatable.

Cons Of The Moulinex Subito Coffee Maker

  1. Upon preparation of the coffee, there is no heating plate to maintain the temperature. 
  2. Also, glass carafes are sold separately, but they are quite expensive compared to the total price of the coffee maker.


The Moulinex brand of coffee makers is recognized by consumers as a high-quality, reliable brand. With a few minutes of effort and a little time, you will be able to make a perfectly delicious and fragrant drink. When you do not have time to make coffee in the morning, then you can make it in the evening instead. Moulinex Subito coffee makers will be able to maintain the temperature. With its easy-to-use interface and low price, you will love it.