How To Reset Braun Coffee Maker

Should the green indicator light situated above the clean button on your Braun Coffee Maker illuminate with a steady green, it signifies that your machine needs to be cleaned or descaled. Descaling involves eliminating calcium accumulations and various mineral deposits within the coffee maker. Virtually every coffee maker that operates with water needs to undergo a descaling procedure periodically. In the following article, we aim to guide you on how to reset Braun Coffee Maker, or in simpler terms, how to descale it.

The descaling process may sound tricky but it is not really. The descaling process is very easy and all it requires is following some easy steps. Below, we will let you know all the steps in detail that you will require following to reset your Braun Coffee Maker. So, keep reading this article if you want to reset the solid green light.

What is Descaling and Why it is Important?

Water is an important part of your coffee. In fact, 90% of the coffee consists of water. And, almost all variations of water including filtered, tap, and bottled water contains minerals. As a result, when you use the water in the coffee maker for a long time, it starts producing buildup inside the machine. Typically, the hard water or tap water can produce more of the buildup while the tap water may do it less.

The buildup typically consists of the mineral in water which includes calcium and magnesium. They are typically no toxic. But they can cause some issues. Such as, the layers of limescale can prevent the water from reaching a suitable temperature. As a result, the full flavor from the coffee will not be extracted and you cannot get the best taste of the coffee. Moreover, the coffee will not be much enjoyable as it is not heated properly.

The buildup also increases the brewing time. As the broiler’s heating capacity will be reduced, the machine will require working hard and it will require more electricity. That’s not all; they can eventually decrease the lifespan of the coffee maker. That is why it is very important to remove the buildup from the coffee maker. And, the process of removing is known as deliming or descaling.

How To Reset Braun Coffee Maker

One of the good things about the modern coffee maker is they include an indicator to let you know when the coffee maker becomes affected by the buildup. The Braun Coffee Maker includes a light indicator that becomes solid green when the machine got limescale. To reset it, you need to go through the deliming procedure. Here is how to do this:

Gather the Required Things

The best way to descale the coffee maker is by using the commercially available descale solution. Typically, most of the popular coffee makers manufacture these solutions. Using them assures you that you are going to get the most effective result. If the coffee maker manufacturer doesn’t produce the solution, don’t worry. There are some universal solutions out there for you.

Furthermore, you can also use the homemade descaling solution. In this article, we will let you know how to descale the Braun Coffee Maker using both the homemade solution and commercially available one.

How To Reset Braun Coffee Maker with Braun Descaling Solution

The good news is the Braun coffee maker has its official descaling solution. You can find it online and the stores that sell the coffee maker. Here is how to use it to descale the coffee maker:

  1. Begin with removing the charcoal water filter holder along with the filter and gold-tone permanent filter.
  2. Then follow the instructions on the package of Braun Descaling Solution. Afterward, put the carafe of the coffee maker in the keep warm plate.
  3. Now turn on the device and press the clean button. After that, the green button should start blinking/flashing.
  4. Now you need to run a brew cycle. Press Brew to start it. The light should be still flashing when you are starting the brew cycle.
  5. Now let the machine complete the descaling process. Once the process is completed, the LED light will be turned off.
  6. Now get rid of the cleaning solution and clean the carafe by rinsing in the freshwater. Then fill the carafe with clean water.
  7. Now fill the water reservoir with clean water. Now you need to run two more cycles using the freshwater. This will flush the remaining solution from the machine. You may repeat this step to completely get rid of the solution and its flavor.

That’s it; you are done. The coffee maker is perfectly descaled. Now you can begin using it again for making the coffee. Note that if the official descaling solution is not available, you can use other descaling agents. However, make sure that it is safe and suitable for coffee makers.

How To Reset Braun Coffee Maker with White Vinegar?

If you don’t want to use the commercial solution, you can use white vinegar for the descaling work. This should offer you an effective cleaning. The process is almost the same as the above. All you need to do is to add vinegar-water solution instead of the commercial descaling agent in the machine. The solution should consist of two parts water and one part of vinegar.

After adding the solution to the machine, you will require press the clean button and then run a brew cycle for descaling. Once the cycle is completed, discard the solution. Then flush the machine by running two or more brew cycles with fresh water. That’s it; you are done. Once you have completed the descale step, the green solid LED of the clean button should stop.

How Frequent Should I Descale the Machine?

Well, you don’t need to be worried about that as the indicator will let you know when to descale. The frequency will depend on which types of water you are using for the coffees. Using filtered water instead of hard tap water will help to reduce the buildup frequency.


We hope now you know how to reset the Braun Coffee Maker after it gets descaled with the minerals. Follow the exact steps as we mentioned above to get an effective descaling.