How Many Watts Is A Keurig Coffee Maker

Find Out How Many Watts Is A Keurig Coffee Maker 

It’s common knowledge that a Keurig coffee maker is an outstanding option for brewing coffee, hence it’s likely you already have one or might consider getting one eventually. Its promise is to deliver consistently excellent coffee each time you use it, and promptly too. However, one might wonder about the costs involved. Specifically, what is the cost to brew that beloved cup of coffee? The price, albeit minimal, comes from the electricity consumed by your coffee maker with each brew. Without knowing the wattage of a Keurig coffee maker, it’s challenging to calculate the exact cost since the electric bill is based on the power usage of your coffee maker. So, if you’re curious about the energy consumption of your Keurig Coffee maker, keep reading.


What Is Watts 

Watts is a shorter and more popular form of the unit wattage which is used to measure the electrical power an appliance uses, which Includes a Keurig coffee maker. How much electricity your coffee maker uses is measured in this unit, and it is derived by multiplying the amps by the volts. You can find both the amps and the volts in the specifications of your coffee maker. There is a possibility that it will be written on the coffee maker, but a more convenient way to find out is to check in the user manual. This is what is used to calculate how much you will pay for your electricity. Including the one that the coffee maker adds to it. It might not be a significant amount, but it is a good place to start if you want to cut down your electricity bill. 


So How Much Electricity Does My Keurig Coffee Maker Use

A Keurig coffee maker uses about 1500 watts during each brew. The bulk of this power is used when it is started. That’s because it has to heat water from the start and it uses a lot of power for that. It subsequently uses around 60 watts every hour to keep the coffee warm if the heating plate is turned on, although the heating plate has been made to automatically go off after two hours of brewing. A Keurig coffee maker is also designed to always have hot water stored in the tank when it’s on standby, so it has to keep the water hot at all times and that’s the secret to Keurig’s fast brewing time and it uses about 200-400 watts every hour for that. And the longer it stays on, the more power it uses.  


How Many Watts Does A Keurig Mini Use

A Keurig mini as a smaller model of Keurigs has its power consumption that is quite different from other larger models. As you can already guess, a Keurig mini uses less power compared to the larger models. The watt usage is about 2-5 percent lesser than the other Keurig types so it is an economical model to use. 


Why Is My Keurig Using More Power 

Keurig recently has some energy-efficient models and has worked on auto-off features that help minimize the power usage in their coffee makers. Despite all these, there is still a possibility that your coffee maker will use up more power in certain cases, but your best bet is that your coffee maker is having scales and needs to be descaled as soon as possible. If you notice this, you can run a clean cycle using vinegar or other descaling solution approved by Keurig. This will help your coffee maker to be more efficient and brew in due time. If it persists, then you should have your coffee maker checked just to be sure that it is not damaged. 


How To Minimize Power Usage 

Though a coffee maker does not cost much money to use, if you’re like me and would love to keep everything minimal, including electricity bills, then you will want to know ways to reduce energy usage in your coffee maker. The following tips will guide you through that 

  • Always clean your coffee maker. A coffee maker full of scales will not be able to brew as efficiently as it should and will take more time, which will increase power consumption. To keep your coffee maker efficiency in check, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on cleaning a coffee maker and how frequently it should be cleaned. 
  • Leave it on if you will be using it at short intervals. Maybe you’re working from home and will be needing a cup of coffee now and then, you can leave your coffee maker on to avoid using power for the startup, which is the bulk of it. If you know you won’t be using the coffee maker anytime soon, then this option is not for you. That’s because leaving your coffee maker on for a long time will pose a fire hazard. 
  • Use an inverter. This is also a great choice for you. An inverter will help reduce the amount of power used. Do your research and find out the inverter that will be most suitable for your coffee maker, and make an investment in it to reduce power usage. 



To be sure of just how much power your coffee maker uses, check the specifications to find out the volts and the amps then you can do the math. This will help you know just how much your coffee maker adds to your electricity bill and how you can reduce it. Either way, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of a cup of coffee when you need one just because you don’t want your coffee maker running for too long. Always make sure you go for your nicely brewed cup of coffee every time you want to, using your Keurig Coffee maker