How Much Coffee Do You Put In A 12 Cup Coffee Maker

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How Do I Know How Much Coffee To Put In A 12 Cup Coffee Maker 

It is every coffee lover’s desire to enjoy a nicely brewed cup of coffee every time. Especially on mornings when your body just won’t switch to activity mode until when it’s had the caffeine shot. To achieve this, there are a few things that must be done and that includes the quantity of coffee used for brewing. To make a great cup of coffee, you need to use good water in the right quantity, good coffee in the right quantity and a great functioning coffee machine. Now, it is obvious that what will make a great cup of coffee is not just the quality of water and coffee used but also the quantity. So, how much coffee do you put in a 12 cup coffee maker? It might seem like something that could be confusing, but then, it isn’t. Read on to find out how much coffee to use. 


How Do I Know How Much Coffee To Use

One of the major secrets to making a great cup of coffee is the amount of coffee used in making it. First, you need to know that the amount of coffee you will use will depend on how much water you’re using. It is possible that you have three different brands of coffee makers and they will all have different volumes. That’s because the volume of a coffee maker depends on how many ounces the coffee maker measures as a cup to begin with. While some coffee makers measure a cup to be 6 ounces, others might measure something more or less. So this will affect how much coffee you will use. Another factor that will determine how much coffee you will use is how you want your coffee to taste like, that is if you want it bold or light. 


So How Much Water Does My 12 Cup Coffee Maker Use

The best way to know how much water your coffee maker uses is to check in the user manual. In the specifications of your coffee maker, it will be stated how many ounces the coffee maker measures as a cup, and you can just multiply it by 12. If you don’t want to go through all that calculations, another way to know is by checking the carafe or water reservoir for calibrations. Most likely, you will find what you’re looking for on the reservoir, and that’s how you will know how much water your 12 cup coffee maker uses. 


What Is The Recommended Amount Of Coffee To Use For A 12 Cup Coffee Maker 

It is recommended by SCAA that the golden rule of coffee brewing is to use one part coffee to sixteen parts water. This proportion has been tested to produce an amazing result over time, and that is why a Specialty Coffee Association like SCAA recommends that ratio. Based on this ratio, for a 6 ounces per cup coffee maker, you will need about 12-24 tablespoons of coffee grounds to achieve a great result. But keep in mind, all recommendations are just guidelines, and in the end, how much coffee you use totally depends on you and how you want your coffee to be. Coffee is a personal experience and the way you enjoy your coffee is the way you should brew it. If you try out a measurement and it works good for you, then that’s the right measurement. After all, Coffee is subjective. 


How Do I Measure Out My Coffee And Water

If you have a proportion in mind that you want to use to brew your coffee, then the most accurate way to measure is by using a kitchen scale to weight both the water and the coffee grounds. For instance, if you’re brewing with 1: 16 measurement, then you will use coffee weighing 1 gram for water that is weighing 16 grams. An easy way to measure is by filling up your water reservoir to the 12 cup mark and placing it on the scale if it’s removable. Check what the weight is and put it back in its position on the coffee maker. Divide the weight by 16, and measure out coffee grounds that is equivalent to the desired amount. Then you get ready for nice tasting brew. If you can’t go through all these calculations, then just keep in mind that for a 12 cup coffee maker, you will need anywhere between 12-24 tablespoons of coffee grounds, irrespective of the cup measurement. It is still okay to try out other measurements for brewing until when you find the one that works best for you. As long as you make something you enjoy. 


How To Brew In A Coffee Maker 

The steps to brewing coffee in a coffee maker is easy, and will not confuse you, even if you’re brewing for the first time. That’s if you follow instructions. The following steps will guide you through it. 

  • Fill the reservoir with water, most preferably, fill all the way up to avoid any issues during brewing. 
  • Measure out the desired amount of coffee you want to brew with and pour into the paper filter. Some coffee makers come with a permanent filter and might not require a paper filter 
  • Put the carafe in place on the drip tray. Make sure it’s properly fixed to avoid spillage. 
  • Turn on the coffee maker and give it time to brew. 
  • Once it’s done brewing, enjoy your cup of coffee with or without milk. 



As earlier stated, Coffee is a personal experience so any measurement given is just a guideline. In all, it is totally up to you to decide how much coffee you want to use. It is okay to try out different measurements to find out what works best for you, and when you do, it is okay if you stick with that measurement. Remember, the most accurate measurement is the one you love best. Enjoy your cup of coffee how you want to.