How To Make Espresso In Drip Coffee Maker

If you’re longing for an espresso but lack an espresso machine in your kitchen, don’t lose heart. A basic drip coffee maker is capable of brewing a potent espresso shot topped with a luxurious crema. We’re here to give you the full scoop on both espresso and drip coffee makers.

Can It Achieve The Same Level Of Quality As Espresso

When using a drip coffee maker to make espresso, you may encounter difficulties. If you’d like to call your coffee espresso, it must include a concentrated amount of strong coffee. This process requires a high level of pressure so that water can pass through fine grinds. In most cases, drip coffee makers don’t operate in this way.

In comparison to standard espresso machines, drip coffee makers provide a higher flow rate but reduced pressure. Also, you won’t get to enjoy the crema that an espresso machine creates. Due to this, the final product will not be real espresso, but it will still be amazing. Make the finest espresso possible by modifying your brewing technique. Another good idea is to use a drip coffee maker that comes with a concentrate brew function.

How To Make Espresso Using a Drip Coffee Maker

Making the ideal expresso is all about finding the proper ratios and quantities. The only two components that decide whether your expresso is good or bad are the coffee grounds and the water. As a result, striking the proper balance between the two is essential required to make the ideal expresso. Even if your household has just a drip coffee maker, you can still make espresso at home if you follow these steps.

Step 1: Pour The Coffee Grounds

First, you need to fill the coffee filter with one heaping spoonful of fine to medium-fine coffee grounds.

Step 2: Tamp The Coffee Grounds

To increase with the pressure during the brewing process, push the grinds down. It won’t be quite as good as tamping, but it will help the process.

Step 3: Fill With Water

Fill the water reservoir with two ounces of warm water. It is necessary to fill it with warm filtered water during brewing in order to achieve the right temperature during brewing.

Step 4: Start Brewing Your Coffee

You should now press ‘Brew’ and wait for a few seconds. Alternatively, if your drip coffee maker offers the option of ‘Concentrate Brew’, choose that.

Changes That Need to Be Made

You may need to make some modifications to a simple drip coffee maker in order to make delicious espresso. You can enhance your brew by following these tips:

Step 1: Adjust The Water Amount

For making espresso in a drip coffee maker, use roughly two ounces of fresh water per tablespoon of ground coffee. In this case, you’ll need less water than usual. You may play around with the quantities until your espresso is just right. It is completely up to you and your personal coffee taste when it comes to the final ratio you use.

Step 2: The Grind Is Crucial

Make sure your coffee grounds shouldn’t be too rough because that allows water to flow through the grounds too quickly, resulting in a weak, tasteless brew. In the case of too finely ground coffee, the brew time will increase and the coffee will be unpleasant. For high-quality espresso, usually a fine grind is used, but for brewing it in a drip coffee maker, a medium grind is preferred.

Step 3: Keep The Water Temperature In Check

In drip coffee makers, it may be necessary to serve warm filtered water during brewing in order to achieve the right temperature during brewing. The temperature needed to prepare espresso cannot always be achieved by drip coffee makers

It will be beneficial to use warm water since the drip coffee maker will heat it up more during the brewing process. You should keep your water temperatures between 195-205 °F to ensure that the flavors are maximized as it passes through the grounds.

Step 4: Choose An Espresso Or Coffee Blend With Bold Flavor

A strong coffee blend will give authentic espresso its powerful flavour. A strong espresso blend would be one of all dark roasts, which include Italian, French, or Espresso. As for the roast, you may choose whatever you prefer.


This is the method you can use at home to get what you love from the coffee maker you already own if you only own a drip coffee maker. This technique works well, but you may want to invest in an espresso machine for the ultimate expresso experience. Although it may not be traditional espresso, it is still a very satisfying brew to get you through the day. Give it a try and see if it suits your taste in expresso.