🥇☕Best Mini Coffee Maker in 2024

For a long time, the market only offered coffee makers designed to prepare coffee for a crowd in one batch. These units, due to their size, demanded significant countertop space, making them impractical for smaller kitchens. Furthermore, these coffee machines were not an option for many homes, particularly for those who only needed to brew coffee for an individual or a couple.

Over the years, coffee machines have come a long way. Today, home coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you live alone or with a group of other coffee lovers, you can be sure that there is a coffee machine to suit your needs.

Mini coffee machines are all the rave in the modern-day. With these machines, you can brew just enough coffee to meet your daily needs. Whether you need a single-serve of coffee every morning or two cups, the best mini coffee maker will get the job done.

Mini coffee makers guide

As coffee lovers around the world embrace the idea of having mini machines in the market, it is important to learn as much as you can about these small coffee makers before purchasing.

Why should you buy a small coffee machine? 

There are several benefits to buying mini coffee makers. The most significant benefit is the fact that they take up less counter space in your kitchen. With a mini coffee maker, you can place it in between other appliances, or in a cupboard and only remove it when you need to brew. You do not need to worry about not having enough space in your kitchen with a small coffee machine, as they can fir anywhere. This makes it perfect for minimalistic living and tiny houses.

The other benefit is that a small coffee brewer will not waste your coffee. While it is possible to brew a few cups of coffee with a large machine, you will need to use more coffee to get the coffee quality you desire because of the large filter in the machine. With a smaller coffee maker, you use less coffee to brew, which makes them economical.

Small coffee makers only make enough coffee on demand. This ensures there is no wastage as coffee can go bad quickly.

Buying a mini coffee maker 

When purchasing a mini coffee maker, there are certain factors you need to consider. This way, you can ensure you get a machine that suits your needs and coffee preferences.

4-cup or single-serve?

Most mini coffee makers come as either single-serve coffee makers or 4-cup makers.

Single-serve coffee makers are designed to use k-cups or coffee pods to brew. However, there are a few that use ground coffee. The main benefit of these machines is the ability to brew coffee on demand. They work super-fast and can deliver a brew in under one minute. If you need more than one coffee to start your day, a single-serve coffee maker may not be the best choice for you.

4-cup machines come with the ability to make up to 4 coffee cups in one brew cycle. 4-cup mini coffee makers use ground coffee while others are designed to use large pods to brew. The 4-cup coffee maker will take longer to brew when compared to single serve makers. Even so, they are faster than larger size machines. This is the perfect machine if you take more than one cup of coffee in the morning but still prefer a smaller machine.

Mini machine fit considerations 

Most mini coffee machines do not come with a carafe. This means that the prepared coffee is dispensed to a coffee mug or travel mug. Therefore, you need to consider the quantity of coffee the machine makes and ensure you have a large enough cup. Mini coffee makers come in different variations to suit different quantity needs. Be sure to make this consideration when buying one.

Ease of cleaning 

The best mini coffee maker should be easy to clean. Different machines come with different cleaning and maintenance needs. Go for a machine with dishwasher-friendly components. If you can, find a coffee maker that comes with a self-cleaning feature. This will ensure you have an easy time descaling and that the quality of your coffee is always at its best.

Size considerations 

Even though mini coffee makers are smaller than the standard machines, it is still essential to consider the size before purchase. Every home is constructed differently and thus comes with different kitchen counter space specifications. Consider the size of the space you have in your kitchen before buying a mini coffee maker. You can measure the counter space and use the dimensions to pick the perfect mini coffee maker for that space.

Recommended mini coffee makers for 2024 


If you are always in a hurry to get out of the door in the morning, this personal coffee maker will ensure you do not leave without your morning fix of coffee. This is a single-serve coffee maker that comes with a travel mug where your coffee is brewed into. It comes with a permanent filer, thus eliminating the need to spend money on disposable ones. The coffeemaker has an automatic shut-off feature that activates immediately the brew cycle completes. The space-saving design makes it perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, and small kitchens.

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker



As the name indicates, this mini coffee maker can make enough coffee for 4 servings. It is made with an on and off indicator for power saving. The removable filter basket makes it easy to clean and fill. The best part about this machine is the brew and pause button that allows you to pour some coffee for yourself even before the whole batch is ready. It is a small machine that will not take up too much space in your kitchen.

Brentwood single-serve Coffee Maker

Brentwood’s single-serve coffee maker comes in a stylish design that is sure to set the tone in your kitchen. It uses ground coffee, is easy to use, and comes with a ceramic mug. It has an easy to clean removable filter that can hold up to four tablespoons of coffee. The drip tray ensures your kitchen counter remains clean by trapping spillage.


If you live alone, a mini coffee maker will ensure you enjoy a fresh brew every time. Pick one of the three recommended coffee makers for the best coffee experience straight from your kitchen. Click here to learn more about the nitro cold brew coffee maker.