How to Use a Bialetti Coffee Maker

Espresso is worldwide famous and is brewed by the world top class coffee making machines with highly expensive price tags. Just to make the different coffee flavors like espresso, cappuccino, and cuba coffee there are heavily priced coffee makers. Bialetti coffee maker is cheap in price and yet provides the magnificent results just like any elite coffee makers. Bialetti coffee maker was invented in 1933 in Italy by an Italian engineer known as Alfonso Bialetti.  If you are an espresso addict and want to have the spectacular taste of espresso without buying the heavily priced coffee machines then you should buy this coffee maker.

Bialetti coffee maker is very cheap in price and easily affordable. Thi coffee maker is a compressed Italian-made coffee maker and doesn’t need any high-end maintenance which may cost very high price. It is basically a three chambered pot depends on pressure created by the simple stovetop steam. The pressure build by the stovetop steam is created in the lowest chamber of the bialetti coffee maker and rises from the bottom of the coffee maker.

Sometimes the resulting coffee also includes little burnt flavor according to the espresso coffee fans. However, the simple solution is to take the precautionary measures like boiling the water before adding to the lower chamber. With this simple step you can eliminate the defect of the burnt coffee flavor without any difficulty. But you still have to be careful while adding the hot water into the lower chamber because bialetti coffee maker can get extremely hot.

Let’s get started on how to use a bialetti coffee maker with simple steps.

Unscrewing the Coffee Maker and Washing it

As we know that the bialetti coffee maker works on the basis of pressure based system. In order to have the strong and hygienic coffee we need to unscrew the bialetti coffee maker and wash it in the hot water.

Here are the steps to unscrew the bialetti coffee maker.

  • Unscrew the top from the base.
  • Remove the funnel from the base.
  • Remove the filter plate and the ring
  • Carefully wash all the unscrewed parts in a hot water and reassemble all the parts.

Fill the Lower Chamber with Water

Filling the lower chamber with the water by accurately balancing it is very important. Pre-heating the water is recommended so that coffee flavor does not burn off.  Fill the water to the level below of the safety valve and you should not overfill the lower chamber because the coffee filter is the source which heats the water and pushes up the water throughout the coffee.

Add Your Favorite Coffee to Filter

Now you can add your favorite coffee to the filter. Carefully follow the steps to grind the coffee to have the delightful taste of the coffee.

  • Grind the coffee in such a fine way that it is finer than a drip but as compare to espresso grind it should be more.
  • You don’t have to pack the filter and level the ground by pressing the grinded coffee with your fingers.
  • When the coffee is loaded in the filter according to the concentration and to the levels of the ground then place into the lower chamber.

There is another way that the filter can be loaded first and then you can add the coffee. Choose the method which you desire.

Lock the Top and Lower Chambers Together

Twist the lower and top chambers together tightly. Twist tightly in a way that no space is left between both chambers. If there is slightly space left then it can results in the distasteful brew which can left you in the awful taste.

Place the Bialetti Coffee Maker onto Stove

Place the stovetop maker on the stove and turn on the heat. Heat should be lower and it should be enough to brew the strong and delightfully amazing coffee. Another benefit of this coffee maker is that you can also take it easily to outdoors for a picnic or camping and can also heat it on the campfire. It takes approximately 3-6 minutes to prepare the coffee, considering the size of the bialetti coffee maker and the amount of heat.

When Coffee is successfully brewed, Remove from heat and Serve

When the coffee has successfully completed the loop and appears on the top chamber, turn off the heat and carefully serve the coffee and enjoy. At the point when the coffee is completing brewing loop then keep top cap down.

Cool Down the Bialetti Coffee Maker Before Cleaning it

Give your bialetti coffee maker some time so that it can cool down and then you can easily break it down for cleaning. Don’t be in too haste, you don’t want to burn yourself.


All the models of the bialetti coffee maker are suitable for making coffee of any flavor through gas, electricity and ceramic hubs. There are also stainless steel models which are appropriate for induction. You just have to follow the steps mentioned above in the sequence so that you can have the amazing delighted brewed coffee. Start with unscrewing the parts, washing them, and after that filling the lower chamber with the water carefully with the precision. Then you can add your favorite coffee flavor to brew. Lock the lower and top chamber tightly without any space. When it’s done, you have to put the bialetti coffee maker on heat with lower to medium level. Coffee will be prepared when it appears on the top of the chamber from the bottom.

Turn off the heat when coffee is brewed and completed the cycle of brewing in the lower chamber. Now you can enjoy your delightfully made coffee. Now give your bialetti coffee maker a little time to cool down. Don’t be in hurry to unscrew it until it’s cool down because you can burn yourself with it. When it is cool down, unscrew it and wash it carefully. You can apply this coffee making method on any model of the bialetti coffee maker easily.