The Top 8 Coffee Flavors Every Coffee Aficionado Should Try

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For most coffee lovers, nothing beats the pure, rich flavor of a cup of regular coffee. Flavored coffees are often an acquired taste, with many people first trying the most popular flavored options out there: French Vanilla coffee or Mocha. But, these flavored-coffee-staples are just the beginning of what’s possible when it comes to flavored beans – which undergo a special roasting process that can include immersion in special syrups that are made from spices, sugars or other natural ingredients that add flavor without adding calories. In many cases, this is also good news for allergy sufferers, since roasted coffees that contain a nutty flavor, like hazelnut or pecan, give you the flavor of the nut without the allergens. Whatever flavored coffee you choose to try, the result can be a special treat that will become a regular part of your coffee rotation.

So, what’s the best flavored coffee? For us, it’s the one that we can’t wait to brew in the morning when we first wake up – or the one that quickly becomes our go-to afternoon treat. Here are a few of our personal picks. We left off the trendy, super popular ones – like French Vanilla and Mocha – and instead focused on some you may not have tried or even heard of.

Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee. Can a coffee transport you to a tropical, Caribbean paradise? If it’s Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee, it can. This flavorful light roast coffee includes notes of Mexican liqueur, sweet caramel and vanilla bean. When you first brew it, you’ll notice the difference in the aroma, which almost has a sweet, bakery fresh scent to it. Then, take that first sip and you’ll experience a light, sweet punch that’s followed by rich, roasted coffee flavor. It’s a treat without sugar or sweeteners, and it’s a great afternoon snack with a little milk or cream mixed in.

Try one of our favorites: Erie Island Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee

Blueberry Crumble Coffee. Want a little fruity twist with your morning Joe? Blueberry Crumble Coffee combines blueberry’s sweetness with a fresh, just-picked aroma. And the crumble part? Well, that’s what will get you out of bed in the morning. Just like your favorite blueberry pasty is oh-so-much better with a little something on top, Blueberry Crumble Coffee packs a little boost of sweetness from the first sip to the last. Try it in a light roast to get the maximum amount of caffeine per cup.

Here’s our pick: Steep + Brew Blueberry Crumble Coffee

Icing on the Cake Coffee. Some people like to mix a little butter into their coffee instead of cream. It’s true! We, however, prefer the rich, buttery flavor of this coffee, that also includes hints of warm, toasty cinnamon. It’s like having your birthday everyday – and having your cake and eating it too! We love a decaf version for a post-dinner treat that doesn’t keep us up all night.

Winter Holiday Coffees. Here’s our little secret: in the spring and summer, we love fruity coffees – but in the fall and winter, we like to mix it up. Our favorite for the fall is the tried-and-true pumpkin spice coffee (more on that in a minute…). But for the winter months, we love the rich, medium roast that accompanies most holiday blends. These often include seasonal spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. The result is a smoky flavor and aroma that’s great to drink next to a roaring winter’s day fire.

Try Erie Island’s Fireside Holiday Blend. Like many seasonal brews, it’s only available at certain times of the year.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Is it possible to get this fall seasonal favorite without all of the calorie-laden whipped cream and sugary syrups? You bet! Pumpkin Spice Coffee roasts are similar to winter holiday blends in the spices they capture — with one key difference: you also get that great pumpkin-forward flavor.

Looking for a Pumpkin Spice blend? Erie Island’s Pumpkin Spice Blend is also quite tasty.

Pecan Pie Flavored Coffee. Pecan Pie is a traditional southern desert that’s rich in just about everything: buttery, nutty, sugary and gooey. And Pecan Pie Flavored Coffee gives you a similar experience. Its medium roast brings out the rich flavors – and pairs quite well with a piece of pie!

Here’s one to try: Steep + Brew Southern Pecan Pie. Even those with nut allergies can enjoy this coffee without worry.

Cherry Flavored Coffee. If you’re ready for a true “desert in a cup” give cherry-flavored coffee a try. A cross between red, ripe cherries and a peak-ripeness summer cherry pie, it’s a simple indulgence that gets even better with a little milk, a little sugar and a dash of cream. We love it hot or cold!

Try Steep + Brew Red Ripe Cherry Coffee for a true taste of Wisconsin cherries picked at their flavorful best.

Kona Coffee. While Kona coffee doesn’t have a desert- or fruit-inspired flavor, it does have a rich coffee taste that’s not like other straight brews. These beans, that are native to the Hawaiian Islands, often have a less acidic and a smoother, silkier taste. The beans actually undergo a special growing process that takes longer than traditional beans. As a result, Kona coffee is often more expensive. Kona blends can offset this cost, delivering the flavor without becoming cost prohibitive. The secret with a Kona blend is to look for one that contains at least 10% Kona coffee beans.