How To Keep Coffee Hot In a Coffee Maker

We grab our morning coffee and proceed with our daily tasks. You take a single sip and then completely forget about it, only to discover later that, oh no! Your coffee has turned cold. Clearly, this isn’t how anyone wishes to begin their day!

One should know how to keep coffee hot properly, lets discuss further to see how to keep our coffee hotter for longer time without running the risk of getting it bad in taste, but before that here are some myths we should discuss about keeping your coffee warm.

Myths About Keeping Your Coffee Hot

You should before proceed further, must know that how hot coffee you actually want to have! What do you think about it?

MYTH #1: Using a Hot Plate

The reality is that hot plates are only best for heating it up but are not recommended for coffee. The heat used in it is direct so It is going to produce high temperature that can leave your coffee from dreadfully cold to scalding hot. The coffee will be over-extracted in it and will leave your coffee to taste bitter.

 MYTH #2: A Candle Warmer Will Be Helpful In Keeping the Coffee Hot

Candle warmer’s function is always to design warm up scented candles, one might consider its plate proper for the coffee cup. Its concept is similar like hot plate, it can anytime take your coffee from cold and can go bad to hot and bitter.

MYTH #3: The Microwave, Just Reheat the Coffee After It Turns Cold

For sure, microwave is considered convenient to many, you just need to keep your cup in, push buttons for few seconds and you may get your coffee hot again. But to be honest this is not only the thing is!

Microwaves use radiation. So it may leave the temperature of your coffee uneven. You might get a heated-up brew that is also steamy on top and still cold from inside.

Ways You Can Keep Your Coffee Hotter For Longer

Now as the confusion is cleared, it is the best time to learn about how to keep your coffee hot, without turning it into bitter, or completely different in taste.

Wrapping you Coffee Mug With a Piece of Fabric

When you are not around, keeping your coffee hot is considered as the biggest challenge, you do not travel with a heat source with you every time. The good news is if you have any piece of fabric (hard) you may wrap it around the cup to provide more insulation. Keep something handy with you during camping.

This won’t be offering long-lasting heat but this is indeed one of the ways to keep your coffee hot and warm enough to a pleasant drink for an hour may be.

Using a Travel Mug To Keep Your Coffee Hot With Good Insulator

If you are an avid coffee drinker, it is safe to assume to have a mug that might be helpful in keeping your coffee hot. The best travel coffee mug contains a reusable lid and we assume you have something similar. Place a lid on, find the best one that fits, or get that coffee mug which comes with it. This solution is helpful in keeping the heat inside the Coffee mug but is also beneficial to keep the same aroma and flavour of the coffee.

Preheat Your Coffee Cup

People who let their coffee gets cold, it is something good for them to know that the preheating the cup for around 2 preps it to maintain the perfect temperature of the brew for longer duration and time.

When you preheat your cup, you just need to fill it with the help of boiling water. Let the hot water sit for about a minute and the temperature to spread gradually and evenly throughout the cup, after you see that the liquid cools down, you can easily throw the water away (there is no need to waste it, put the water back in the kettle that can be used for the next time).

The best thing is it does not affect the taste of the coffee at all and you can still enjoy your coffee!

Invest Some amount In A Thermos (This One That Actually Works)

If you are willing to keep your coffee hot for longer time, you need to get a thermos for it. In a thermos you may keep your hot coffee straight after brewing. There are some coffee machines that brew straight into a thermal carafe for you.

These are especially made with insulating materials that includes stainless steel, plastic, and silicone, that can help the coffee to stay hot for around six hours.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, we can easily use the above magic tricks that will let our coffee stays hot for longer. Along with all these one may also use metal coffee beans which are especially made to absorb the heat and get the coffee to the perfect drinking temperature and keep the level maintained for longer duration of time. Along with this, travel mugs are also best to be used in this case!