How to Descale a Krups Coffee Maker

The Krups coffee maker is widely recognized for its ability to produce coffee of high quality with a deep, rich flavor. It prepares coffee by filtering hot water through the ground coffee beans. For optimal performance from your Krups coffee maker, it’s crucial to completely eliminate any mineral deposits that have accumulated inside. Continue reading to learn the steps for descaling your Krups coffee maker.

Krups coffee makers usually accumulate oily, hard, off-white, chalky deposits which create a residue in the coffee machine. If you don’t properly descale those dirty residues that have accumulated in the coffee machine, it may change the taste of your coffee a bit. Even the coffee maker’s performance can be affected.

Regular descaling helps to get rid of dirt and deposits that have built the coffee machine over time. In this article, we are going to show you some effective ways on how to descale a Krups coffee maker. Let’s take a look at the detailed instruction.

How to Descale a Krups Coffee Maker

To descale a Krups coffee maker, you need some necessary items like hot water, hot soapy water, and vinegar. Vinegar is preferred as a descaling solution because it is available in almost the kitchen as well as cost-effective. Once you have all the necessary items, descaling the coffee machine is comparatively simple. Let’s see how to do it.

Step 1

The first thing to do is read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before descaling your Krups coffee maker. This will help you to know which parts of the machine are washable and which are not.

Step 2

Now carefully wipe the dust, loose grounds, and other debris that is stuck inside the machine with a damp cloth. If you notice dirt in the corners of the chamber, clean the area using a soft brush.

Step 3

You can use the descaling solution or combine white vinegar and fresh water in an equal amount. Begin with filling the water reservoir with half amount of descaling solution. If necessary, you can increase the water ratio a bit. In that case, use two-part of warm water and one part of vinegar.

Now soak the descaling solution in the coffee machine for around 30 to 50 minutes.

Step 4

Now start the descaling cycle by pressing the ‘CLEAN’ button to start the descaling process. You need to wait half an hour for the brew cycle to end. Although this brewing cycle will be depending on how much buildup you want to clean.

Step 5

Now unfilled the vinegar solution from the water reservoir and turn on your coffee maker again. Pour the remaining half of the vinegar solution back into the water reservoir to complete the second brew cycle. When the second brew cycle is complete, turn off the machine.

Step 5

Once you have finished the second brew cycle, rinse the coffee maker when the water reservoir is empty by running two full 12-cup brew cycles with clean water. This cycle will help you to throw away the vinegar flavor or other solutions from the coffee maker inside.

Note that vinegar mixed with coffee can ruin the flavor of the coffee. So the final brew cycle with clean water is very vital to remove the smell of vinegar. If necessary, repeat it until the water runs clear.

Step 6

After washing the inside, the exterior part of the coffee machine should be washed. Use dish soap to clean related parts of the coffee machine such as the carafe, filter basket. Avoid using a brush to clean the exterior part of the carafe. Instead, use a soft cloth or sponge. Moreover, don’t forget to clean the hot plate of the coffee machine that retains the coffee hot.

Alternative Ways to Descale Krups Coffee Maker

There are numerous products that you can use to descale the coffee maker instead of vinegar solution. Some people might not like the smell of vinegar. They can try other products such as baking soda, soap, borax, and lemon juice. These also play a very effective role in descaling the Krups coffee maker.


Why is Descaling so Essential?

Many deposits like coffee beans oil, minerals, and other impurities can grow inside coffee makers over time. If these dirt shots are not removed at the right time, it will alter the original taste of your coffee. Because all these deposits will surely be mixed in your coffee and will ruin the flavor of the coffee.

Consistently descaling will help to completely remove oil residue, mineral buildup, and other impurities as well as increase the durability of the coffee machine.

How Often Should You descale the Krups Coffee Maker?

The Krups coffee maker should be cleaned after each use. All parts should also be cleaned including with brewing basket, carafe, coffee reservoir, etc. Deep descaling needs to be done once every three months. By the way, if you live in an area where there is hard water, then different types of deposits can be formed more quickly from hard water. In that case, you have to clean your coffee maker every month.

In fact, the clearer you are, the more secure your coffee maker will be and the better coffee experience you will have. One more thing, don’t wait until your Krups coffee maker signals that it needs to be cleaned or descaled. So descale it as soon as possible.

Why Krups ‘Calc” Light is Blinking?

Krups ‘Calc’ light informs you that the coffee machine is still in the process of descaling. Try to fill and secure the reservoir while making sure there is a suitable-sized container at the bottom of the outlet. Then select the correct function to continue the brew cycle. If it doesn’t work, check your Krups coffee machine manual to see if a reset method is available.

If your unit doesn’t resolve the problem of descaling and resetting, you need to contact customer support. Perhaps your coffee maker may be flawed.


Descaling your Krups coffee maker is very vital. The expert’s advice is to wash the coffee machine after each use. This will ensure that your coffee tastes are always fresh. Many people think that descaling a coffee maker is very difficult and troublesome. But it is very easy which doesn’t take more than one hour to complete.