How to make Sweet Tea with Mr Coffee Tea Maker?

How to make Sweet Tea with Mr Coffee Tea Maker?

Time is ticking! Autumn is almost over, signaling the arrival of summer. As the summer heat intensifies, it’s crucial to find cool, nutritious beverages to help you cope. The market is filled with a wide selection of cold and carbonated drinks. However, relying on them constantly for hydration could negatively impact your health. Nevertheless, there’s a healthy, invigorating, and adaptable beverage that can become your go-to solution for combating summer’s heat for years to come. Indeed, I’m referring to delicious iced tea prepared in Mr coffee’s tea maker.

What and why is an Iced Tea Maker?

It makes no sense to drink hot tea in summer. You can’t go out to buy cold drinks to refresh yourself. So what’s better than an appliance that can get you a quick iced drink and with no side effects? A tea maker is another tremendous kitchen appliance that can help you make fast and hassle-free iced tea at your convenience. It is designed so that you can keep adding the ice according to your choice during the process of brewing tea. Sounds so handy, right? Well, trust me.

A little insight on Mr Coffee’s iced Tea Maker?

Now you know that an iced tea coffee maker exists, you must be wondering how to use it? Do not overthink, as I will share every minor detail about how you can use an iced tea maker to make your favorite tea and as chilled as you want tea. This appliance has all the answers to your tea needs. SO let’s understand its structure and part and see how it operates?

  • An iced tea maker comes in two forms: electric and manual. The difference is clear: in electric, the appliance does all jobs, and in manuals, you have to learn basic science and instruction to get the desired results. So I suggest if you are an amateur to the coffee maker, go for the electric one.
  • Electric ones are bulkier than manual ones. But don’t worry, they come in different sizes if you are looking for some portable sizes. Even a coffee maker for one cup of tea is available.
  • Select the shape and aesthetics of the iced maker according to your needs and preferences. Make sure to check the base of the maker whether it is stable or not.
  • Talking about its parts, there is a pitcher that holds water and ice. Then there is a tea basket to hold tea bags in the pot, and below that basket, there is a water reservoir.

How to Brew Sweet Iced Tea in Mr Coffee Tea Maker?

Okay, I know I kept talking about the tea makers, but you are waiting for your favorite part to brew tea. So here we are. Grab your notebook and pen and note down the guidelines to brew a perfect sweet iced tea for you and your family.

Ingredients Required:

Instruction for Brewing Tea:

  • Make sure you follow the guidelines as it is and do not make any changes in basic instructions. This will ensure a good taste tea.
  • Start with water measurement. Note the watermarks on the jug. They are to ensure that you do not cause spillage of the water. Mr coffee iced tea makers have 1,2,3 quart calibrated on the pitcher. This recipe is for 3 quarts of water. You can divide it into 2 or 1 quart using this proportion.
  • Remove the tea basket from the tea maker. Pour the measured water into the reservoir at the base of the tea maker.
  • Put the tea basket back. Add sugar or honey. Now place the tea bags of your choice onto the tea basket. You can also use loose tea, but you have to buy a coffee filter to strain the tea.
  • Close the lid and choose the brewing strength according to your preference by a mild touch of the button.
  • Fill the pitcher with ice according to your desired level. Then, position the pitcher properly below the brewing hole to collect tea.
  • Plugin the tea maker, an orange light will be turned on. This shows the brewing process is proceeding. It will auto shut once the brewing is done.
  • Sweet iced tea is ready.

Infused Iced Tea-Infuse your Favorite Fruits:

For a sweetened and flavored tea, you can try out infused tea. You have a wide range of infusion combinations to try. Also, check some fantastic fusion ideas below.

  • Add extracts from various herbs such as vanilla, almond, maple, or rosemary. Fortunately, these extracts are also available in the form of teabags. So don’t wait to experiment with your favorite extract.
  • Use sugar or honey with herbs like ginger, dandelion, honeysuckle to give a twist to your regular sweetened tea.
  • Add your favorite fruits right after the brewed tea begins to drip down in the pitcher. This is the best technique to have a refreshing and healthy fused tea.
  • You can also use different flavors of green tea instead of black tea.

A Little Tip:

Once you are done brewing tea, wash the pitcher and tea maker right away to avoid staining.

If you have brewed coffee before in the same tea maker, wash the whole machine with apple cider, it will remove the smell of coffee from the machine.

Bottom line:

Time to wrap up the guide. You have another refreshing drink with a lot of flavors in your list of refreshing drinks this summer. Enjoy the fall and the approaching summer wave with this mind-blowing drink. Do try this fantastic recipe of southern sweetened iced tea and impress your family and friends with your expertise in juices and beverages. Do try it out. Experiment with your choice of flavors and give your body a healthy drink full of nutrients and antioxidants.