How To Set Auto Timer On Black And Decker Coffee Maker

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 Learn How To Set Auto Timer On Black And Decker Coffee Maker 

Some coffee maker brands have the users in mind, and this prompts them to always improve and add features for the comfort of their users. Black and Decker is a part of those brands, and that is why they have an auto timer feature on their coffee makers. This gives you flexibility in brewing coffee and makes you have enough time to yourself in the morning, without having to worry about missing your favorite cup of coffee. You know those mornings when you need your cup of freshly brewed coffee but you can’t seem to work out the time to make coffee into your schedule? Yeah, that’s where the auto timer comes in. Helpful right? The auto timer lets you preset your coffee maker to start brewing at a particular time, even if you’re still in bed. Now, how is this feature going to be beneficial to you if you don’t know how to use it? That is why in this post, you will learn how to set auto timer on Black and Decker Coffee Maker for ease of use. Pay attention and read to the end. 


How Does The Auto Timer Work 

The auto timer works by letting you preset your coffee maker to start brewing coffee at a particular time, which you must have set before. It might seem a little confusing to use if you don’t know how to, but I promise it’s easy. Before you set your coffee maker to auto, you have to put everything it needs for a brew in place. The carafe should be in position, the reservoir filled with water, and the desired amount of coffee grounds should be in the brew basket. Once all these are in place, then your coffee maker is ready for auto timing.  Once you set the time you would love the coffee maker to start brewing, you will have to leave the coffee maker on, and you can be sure you will have your cup of coffee when you want to, even if you’re aren’t up yet. 


Steps To Set Auto Timer In Black And Decker Coffee Maker

This is an easy process, and you can be guaranteed that your cup of coffee will be waiting for you when you wake up. Let’s consider the steps involved. 

  • Plug in the coffee maker: When you turn the coffee maker on, it will flash 12:00 as the default time. This time is usually AM, until when you set it otherwise. 
  • Set the current time. You can do this by using the hour and minute button. The first 12:00 is in AM, so once you press the hour button past another 12:00 then you can be sure that it’s PM time. There is also an indicator that helps to differentiate between PM time and AM time. To be sure, you will see a tiny light flashing on the coffee maker interface. 
  • Once you set the current time, the next step is to set the timer. You can do this by pressing the program button. Once you press the program button, the time goes back to 12:00 again, which is usually AM. Set the time when you would love your coffee maker to start brewing the same way you set the current time. 
  • Once you’re done setting the auto timer, go ahead and press the auto button. There is also an indicator to let you know that your coffee maker is in auto mode. This is another light flashing below the PM light. Once you see the light pop on, then you know that you have successfully set the auto timer on your Black and Decker coffee maker
  • Go to bed, do anything you want to do. Your coffee maker will brew your coffee when it’s time. 


How To Brew In A Black And Decker Coffee Maker 

Brewing in a Black and Decker coffee maker can not be easier than it already is. It takes typically about 5 minutes for a cycle to be complete and you can be sure the cup of coffee will come out just the way you want it to. Take these easy steps to make your cup of coffee in a Black and Decker Coffee Maker

  1. Pour water into the reservoir. Mostly, you will have to fill the reservoir all the way up just to make sure the coffee maker has enough water
  2. Measure out the desired amount of coffee grounds and pour them into the brew basket. It is okay if you want to use a paper filter when you’re brewing.
  3. Close the lid and turn the coffee maker on. 
  4. Wait for only five minutes and your cup of coffee will be ready. You can enjoy it with or without milk, but you should never pour milk into your coffee maker. It is capable of clogging your coffee maker and could even get it damaged. 


A Black and Decker coffee maker is an excellent product and a good choice of coffee maker. It offers you the ease of use, and the auto timer is an excellent feature as well. You don’t always have to be there to make an enjoyable cup of coffee. All you have to do is to measure out water and coffee grounds into your coffee maker in the right proportion and set it to auto timer. Make sure you have it right because that’s what will determine how good your cup of coffee turns out to be. I believe setting your Black and Decker coffee maker to auto timer is easy. But, if it’s your first time, you should take your time to go through the steps just to make sure you set the coffee maker properly to avoid disappointments. The coffee maker also has a warming plate that will keep your cup of coffee hot for up to 2 hours after brewing. Then, you can enjoy your coffee when you want to.

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