🥇☕Best 3-Cup Moka Pots Reviews in 2024

The Moka pot is a must-have in any kitchen, regardless of its capacity or how often it’s used, even by those who aren’t home enough to use it regularly. Our guide offers insights on selecting the best 3-cup Moka pots available in the market today, particularly focusing on the affordable options. Additionally, we include detailed reviews of three models that are considered top picks by consumers this year for the best Moka pot experience. For those looking for an alternative, consider the nitro cold brew maker for a uniquely different coffee brewing method.

How to choose the best 3 cups Moka coffee maker in 2024?

Choosing a good Moka coffee maker is not difficult, as long as you have a minimum of knowledge of this kitchen accessory and how it treated and kept.

The attention paid to the selection of a model made with quality materials should be wholly thwarted when, after a few uses, it discovered that the latter have irreparably ruined. But for now, let’s take a small step back. The materials generally used for the manufacture of coffee makers are two: stainless steel or aluminum alloy for food use.

These materials, to offer the best performance, are not subjected to any particular treatment. Therefore they must be used with a certain delicacy; in fact, not everyone knows that coffee makers never put in the dishwasher, nor washed with the aid of detergents, but should only be rinsed and cleaned with your hands, under running water.

Otherwise, steel, or aluminum, will end up darkening and altering the flavor of the coffee, effectively making the coffee maker unusable.

Another aspect to be evaluated according to personal tastes is the type of coffee maker. If it is true that Moka coffee makers are the most popular because they are quick to prepare, the Neapolitan ones instead, given their characteristics, can make a better drink, but at the price of longer preparation time.

An equally important requirement is the size of the coffee maker: models with 2 cups, 3, 4, 6, 9, or even 11, and more cups are available on the market.

The quantity of coffee that is meant by “cup,” even if it has a specific standard according to the ideas of the coffee maker manufacturers.

The best 3 cup Moka pots reviews

Bialetti Moka Express 

In our guide for the best 3-cup Moka coffeemakers, the one patented by Alfonso Bialetti, founder of the homonymous brand and who contributed to give prestige and worldwide fame to the Italian industry in this production sector, could not be missing.

The Moka Express Bialetti is made entirely of high quality turned aluminum for food use, with a silver finish; the handle and the knob, however, are in black plastic.

It has a patented safety valve and is suitable for all hobs, except for induction hobs; this particular model is made for a yield of three cups of coffee but is also available in the variants for 1, 6, 8, 9 and 12 cups.

The people who bought it agree on the excellent quality of this Moka; the preparation of the coffee is simple as well as the washing, which must be done strictly without the use of any detergent, but only with water.

ILSA Neapolitan coffee maker  

If instead of Moka, you prefer the classic Neapolitan coffee, then this ILSA coffee maker could be the right model for you.

It is entirely made of 18/10 alloy stainless steel and is available in 1-2, 3, 6, and 9 cups.

The advantage of the Neapolitan, compared to the Moka, is that the water reaches lower temperatures; this allows you not to “cook” the coffee powder and therefore enable you to appreciate all the various nuances of taste made available by the different blends on the market.

A further advantage of the Neapolitan is the possibility of “adjusting” the intensity of the coffee based on the waiting time after turning it, to make it come out more or less intense according to the tastes or needs of the moment.

Buyers recommend it to true coffee lovers and those who are not in a hurry, since the preparation, with the Neapolitan, takes longer than the Moka. [Read more]

Lagostina Samba Nera 

The first thing that strikes the attention of the Lagostina Samba Moka pot is its design.

The lines are that of the classic Moka to which Bialetti has accustomed us. Still, the handle and the knob are more rounded and slender, and the lower part of the coffee maker, black, creates an elegant contrast with the upper part finished in silver color.

Like the Bialetti, the Lagostina Samba also made of aluminum alloy but is only available in one sizes: 6 cups. The people who bought it should consider a medium-low quality product, especially valid for its decidedly low price. On the other hand, it recommended above all for those who do not use it regularly, compared to the best stovetop espresso makers.

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