🥇☕Best Coffee Maker Like Starbucks in 2024

As much as most people enjoy sitting out in Starbucks, enjoying hours of caffeinated talks with friends, nothing comes close to the customizability offered by home coffee brewing sessions. Whether you favor lattes and cappuccinos or regular coffee and espressos, the best coffee machine for home use can deliver that, and much more. One of the things Starbucks is known for is the bean-to-cup coffee brewing process. By investing in a bean-to-cup coffee maker, you will be able to enjoy amazing coffee at home.

While drinking coffee is one of the best joys of life for most people, coffee making is an intricate and personal process. From the choice of beans to your preferred brewing style, different factors come together to deliver the perfect brew. Here is everything you need to know about buying the best coffee maker to help you brew coffee that tastes better than Starbucks.

What is a bean-to-cup coffee maker?

This is a type of coffee machine that comes with an inbuilt grinder for coffee beans. It grinds the coffee just before brewing, resulting in a fresher and better-tasting coffee experience. The ground coffee is mixed with hot water from a reservoir to make coffee before it is dispensed into a cup. Some of these types of coffee makers can be used to make milk-based coffee beverages, and also allow you to adjust the length and strength of your coffee.

Factors to consider when buying a bean-to-cup coffee maker


As is common with other coffee machines, there are numerous options in the market for bean-to-cup coffee machines. Because this type of machine is a considerable investment, you need to ensure you get it right the first time.

Here is what to look for in the best bean-to-cup coffee maker

Your coffee type preference 

If you love your coffee, you probably preferred it in a specific way. When choosing a bean-to-cup coffee maker, you need to consider this factor. The best part about these types of machines is that they can also make amazing espressos. Some machines can also make a broader range of beverages, like lattes and macchiatos. Others come with an integrated milk frothing feature, while some are fully automated or strictly for a specific type of coffee.

Determining your coffee preference will ensure you get the best machine for your needs.

Your budget 

If you are on a budget, you can get a decent bean-to-cup coffee machine for under $100. However, the cost of the machine is mostly determined by the features it comes integrated with, and whether it is a semi-automatic or fully-automatic machine. While price is an essential factor to consider when buying a coffee maker, the most expensive machine does not always guarantee the best service.

Checking the durability of a machine is important, especially because these types of machines come with numerous movable parts. The best one should be able to deliver years of service without compromising on the quality of the coffee.


Since it is a bean-to-cup machine, ground settings are some of the most essential features. The best coffee maker should offer numerous grind settings to ensure you can enjoy different ground sizes for different coffee variations. If you are an exotic coffee lover, a highly functional coffee machine should deliver exotic coffee variations without a fuss. If you prefer to find a ready cup of coffee waiting, a programmable coffee maker can brew at the pre-set time for convenience.


Bean-to-cup coffee makers can come in very big sizes. Always ensure your choice can perfectly fit in your kitchen. If you have limited space, consider smaller machines like single-serve coffee machines. Generally, budget machines are smaller than more expensive variations.

Best coffee maker like Starbucks – top 3 recommendations 

Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

Coffee, lattes, or cappuccinos, you can use any k-cup pod to brew your preferred coffee with this coffee maker. It is made with simple button controls to control k-cup pod brewing for delicious hot or iced lattes and cappuccinos. The large 60-ounce water reservoir allows you to brew 6 cups before having to refill. This saves you time and simplifies your morning routine. This is a coffee maker that heats and brews in one simple process, thus eliminating the need to wait for it to heat before selecting your cup size. It is an Energy efficient, highly Programmable coffee machine with an auto-off feature that automatically turns your brewer off 2 hours after the last brew. It is also travel mug friendly and can accommodate travel mugs up to 7.2” tall. It is compatible with my k-cup universal reusable coffee filter.

Fellow Stagg [X] Pour-Over Brewing Set


This is the perfect set for a pour-over party for one. It includes a Stagg Tasting Glass and Stagg [X] dripper bundled together to save you money and time. The professional pour-over brewing makes this the perfect machine for a ritualistic brewer who prefers a precise, slow pour. Brewing with the Stagg [X] Dripper gives you more control over your water dispensing and coffee extraction. The Stagg [X] Dripper has a steep interior slope compared to other drippers on the market. This increases the height of the coffee ground column, forcing water to make more contact with the coffee as it travels through the dripper. This Stagg [X] Dripper’s 10-hole design is complemented by a sophisticated bump design that lifts the flat bottom filter off the holes, preventing clogging.

Double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel ensures consistent temperature throughout the brewing process, resulting in a better cup. The double-wall dripper keeps the temperature constant and prevents heat loss during extraction. Also, the double-wall stainless steel will keep your coffee hot for longer.

Dash DCBCM550BK Cold Brew Coffee Maker

With this coffee maker, there is no more waiting overnight for your cold brew to steep. It uses a Dash Rapid cold brew system that makes up to 42oz of coffee in just 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can make up to 16 servings of cold brew concentrate in the same time frame. This is the perfect coffee maker for Coffee cocktails, desserts, and smoothies. It works with an easy to turn dial and power button. This allows you to easily choose and set your optimal cold brew flavor intensity (5 min -light, 10 min – medium, 15 min – dark), making it quicker than most traditional brewing methods. Heat your lattes, mochas, or regular coffee, or drink it cold, with cream and sugar, or just over ice. Whatever your choice, this coffee maker ensures you can brew and enjoy your drink while keeping your cold brew fresh for up to 10 days in the fridge.


With the best bean-to-cup coffee maker, you will never have to make that trip to your local Starbucks again. Whether you need to brew for one or a group, any of the three machines recommended will deliver nothing but the best tasting coffee straight from your kitchen.