How Long Does It Take To Make Coffee In A Coffee Maker

Find Out How Long Does It Take To Make Coffee In A Coffee Maker 

For every enthusiast of coffee, understanding the duration required for a coffee maker to prepare a cup of coffee is crucial. This knowledge is fundamental as it aids in determining how early you need to start brewing your coffee, depending on when you desire to have it. It informs you about the wait time necessary to obtain your coffee, the overall time involved in preparing a cup, and how to organize your coffee-making process, particularly if you’re dealing with a tight schedule and need to start your day early. If you have a programmable coffee maker, understanding the brewing time is essential too, as it will guide you in setting the appropriate time on your device to align with when you wish to enjoy your coffee. Let’s dive in.


What Is Brew Time

Brew time refers to how long it takes your coffee maker to make coffee. And it does not include the time used in heating water by the coffee maker. There are many coffee makers out there that always store hot water, and are always ready for a brew. Just like Keurigs. And in the case they don’t, the water heat up is always very fast. So that time used in heating the water does not count as part of the brew time. Brew time is the amount of time spent between when hot water is sprinkled on the coffee grounds, the time spent on extracting the coffee, and when the last drop of coffee falls into the coffee pot. Brew time may vary based on the coffee maker type and size, and there is no exact time for that out there, though many coffee makers have the same. The amount of time it would take a single-serve coffee maker to brew is not the same amount of time it would take a 12 cup drip coffee maker to brew. The brew time is mostly influenced by the method of brewing, the quantity of the coffee, and the desired strength. 


How Long Does A Coffee Maker Take To Brew Coffee Averagely

According to SCAA, brew time should be anywhere between 1-4 minutes depending on the coffee maker type, amount of coffee, and the desired strength. Most modern coffee makers are fast with the process and do not take a lot of time at all. Some of them like espresso machines and some single-serve brewers even have pressure pumps that help speed up the process and make it all faster. Generally, it takes only a few minutes for your cup of coffee to be ready, and I believe if you truly want a great cup of coffee, the time spent brewing is something you can spend. 


What Is Extraction Time And How Long Should It Be 

Extraction time is also a part of the brew time because every coffee maker has to extract coffee when brewing, and that is the bulk of time spent brewing coffee. It will also determine how well your coffee is brewed. Extraction time is the amount of time it takes water to adequately dissolve solids from coffee and gain flavor and taste. It also varies based on the coffee maker as well. While drip makers might take some time to extract coffee, because of the large amount, a single-serve brewer or an espresso machine will take less time, especially since they brew small amounts and also use pressure pumps that pushes hot water through the finely ground coffee, thereby making the whole process fast.

The extraction time should be just enough. Not earlier or later than required. Faster time will lead to under-extraction, which is characterized by a weak, tasteless, and acidic coffee taste. Over-extraction on the other hand results in strong, dark, bitter coffee and happens mostly with percolators because they take a lot of time. 


How Long Does It Take Different Coffee Maker Types To Brew 

Each coffee maker type has its brew time, which has everything to do with how they function and how much coffee they can brew. We will consider various coffee maker types and how long it takes them to make coffee. 


Single-Serve Brewers 

Single-serve brewers are generally fast because they don’t brew a lot of coffee and some of them have pressure pumps. An average single-serve brewer will take anywhere between 1-3 minutes to get a cup of coffee ready. 


Espresso Machine 

An espresso machine is known for its high speed. Particularly since some of the brews are as low as 1oz cups per batch. So they take just 20 – 30 seconds to brew. They are also equipped with pressure pumps that help speed up the whole process. 


Drip Coffee Makers

Now drip coffee makers take the most time and I’m sure you can guess why. That’s because of the large quantities they brew and the fact that they take their time to go through the process, and this time also varies depending on the size of the coffee maker. A drip coffee maker takes anywhere between 5 – 15 minutes to complete the brew. 



They take about 5-7minutes to brew coffee. The time can be associated with the fact that they are mostly manual and take their time to brew. 



How long it takes your coffee maker to brew is dependent on a lot of factors, but the good thing is, some coffee makers have very fast brew times. If you would love to have your coffee within a shorter period, then you would want to consider getting a coffee maker that is built with a focus on speed. Or you could get a single-serve brewer that generally doesn’t take much time. You can enjoy a great cup of coffee within the shortest time possible. Just make sure it is a coffee maker that will also take enough time to extract your coffee, so there can be a balance.