How To Use Philips Senseo Coffee Maker

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Find Out How To Use Philips Senseo Coffee Maker

Philips is a well-known brand of household appliances including coffee maker. They have a reputation for releasing great products and also have a track record of excellence over the years. One of the amazing coffee makers by Philips is the Senseo Coffee Maker and I believe you already know what it is if you’re reading this post. The Philips Senseo Coffee Maker is a type of coffee maker popularly used in the UK. It makes great coffee and it is quite fast in doing that too. It can work as a single serve brewer but, when you need it, it can switch to be a dual maker and make two cups of coffee, especially when you have company. It has amazing features that makes it stand out. It’s appearance and build is also very attractive as it takes a shape that not many coffee makers take. There is no way you can fully appreciate this coffee maker if you don’t use it and there is no way you can use it if you don’t know how to. In this post, we will cover how to use Philips Senseo Coffee maker. So, to learn how to, you only have to read on. Keep in mind that Philips Senseo Coffee Maker is easy to use, nothing complicated. It just follows the same pattern as every other coffee maker out there. So, let’s get into it. 


What Are The Features Of A Phillips Senseo Coffee Maker 

What makes a Philips Senseo Coffee Maker an amazing product is its wealth of great features which we will go ahead and discuss. 

  • It has two pod holders. You can use one if you’re brewing one cup of coffee or both when you’re brewing two cups of coffee. 
  • It can brew two 4oz cups simultaneously or one 8oz mug of coffee. 
  • It lets you select your preferred coffee intensity. 
  • It has 0.7 litres capacity. 
  • It brews in just 30 seconds. 
  • It has an indication that comes on when it’s time to descale. 
  • It comes with a water filter to help remove bad odor and sediments from the water, thereby helping to keep the taste of coffee in check. 
  • It has a solid build with a very attractive shape that makes it standout. 


How To Use A New Philips Senseo Coffee Maker 

There is nothing special about using a new Philips senseo coffee maker but, it should not just start brewing right away. It has to be taken through a simple setup process that will help to ensure its smooth running. This will ensure that the coffee maker works well and for as long as possible. Follow these steps to setup your Philips Senseo Coffee maker

  1. Remove the water filter from the reservoir. It shouldn’t be there during the setup process. 
  2. Take out the water reservoir and fill the reservoir with water. Make sure you fill up to the max line. Put it back in its place on the coffee maker
  3. Press the on/off button and wait for about 90 seconds so that the water in the reservoir can get heated. 
  4. Move the lever upwards to remove the lid and open the coffee maker
  5. Place the two pod holders into the machine. Do not put any pods in it just yet, this stage does not require any pods. 
  6. Close the lid of the coffee maker
  7. Put a bowl beneath the spout to receive water that will be draining from the coffee maker
  8. Press the number of cups you want to brew, allow water to flow freely from the coffee maker
  9. Discard the collected water. 
  10. The setup process is complete and your coffee maker is ready to brew amazing cups for you. 

How To Brew Coffee In Your Coffee Maker 

Brewing coffee in your Philips Senseo Coffee maker is the same as the setup process. Just that you add your coffee pods this time. Let’s go through the steps for a successful brew. 

  1. Remove the water filter from the reservoir and fill it with regular tap water to the max line. If you don’t want to remove the reservoir, you can pour the water into it using a jug. It has a capacity of 0.7 litres. Once the reservoir is filled, make sure it’s properly placed on the coffee maker. 
  2. Turn the coffee maker on. Wait for about 90 seconds for the water to heat up. 
  3. Move the lever upwards to remove the lid and open the coffee maker
  4. Place the pod holder into the coffee maker. You can place the two of them if you want to brew two cups and one if you’re brewing just one cup.
  5. Place the coffee pods into the pod holders. Close the lid of the coffee maker. 
  6. Place your cup beneath the spouts. If you would have the coffee maker brew two 4oz cups, place two cups under the spouts, or if you want to brew an 8oz cup, place your mug under the spout to receive the coffee. 
  7. Select the intensity and press the number of cups you want to brew. Allow the coffee maker to complete the brew. It doesn’t take much time. 
  8. Enjoy your cup of coffee delivered by your Philips Senseo Coffee maker however you want to. 
  9. Take out the used pods and the pod holder. Discard the used pods and wash the pod holder by hand with warm soapy water. 


Using a Philips Senseo Coffee maker is as easy as pie and doesn’t take much time. While there are many coffee makers out there that will do the same job that a Philips Senseo Coffee maker does, there is no doubt that it is still a great choice of coffee maker. It does have a lot of attractive features and this includes its ease of usage. If you have a Philips Senseo Coffee maker, just follow the steps above and you can be sure to have your cup of coffee ready within the shortest time possible. It brews fast and makes good coffee too.

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