How Many Watts Is A Mr Coffee Coffee Maker

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When one is looking for caffeine in the morning in order to get going, weighing the energy consumption of a coffee maker is not on the top of their mind. Though making coffee daily adds a small amount to your monthly energy bill, depending on how you brew it, that cost could be much higher than you think. Our guide will show you how much energy is being used by your Mr. Coffee coffee maker, and how to conserve it without reducing your caffeine intake.

What Is The Wattage Of A Mr. Coffee Maker

When Mr. Coffee maker makes a cup of coffee, it takes around 600 to 1200 watts of power. Depending on the wattage of the coffee maker and how much coffee the user drinks, it will use different amounts of power. Those of you who love coffee must know how much wattage a coffee maker uses. Almost all of the energy used by a coffee maker goes into heating the water. Almost all Mr. Coffee makers heat water from 50-degrees to 200-degrees.  

On average, coffee makers use 100 watts just to heat the water. Do your math and you will find that coffee makers use 0.083 (kWh) energy per coffee cup. Your average daily coffee consumption can help you determine the amount of energy spent each day. It depends on the model of Mr. Coffee maker how much energy it consumes. Do your research before purchasing a new one to save money and live a sustainable lifestyle.

Energy-Saving Tips For Your Mr Coffee Maker

People often ignore the power consumption of small appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, electric blankets, etc. Even if many of your appliances only cost you pennies each time you use them, it’s still wise to conserve energy in general. A few dollars a year divided by an assortment of minor appliances can add up to a significant amount of money. Then why spend so much on electricity? On top of that, you will gain psychological satisfaction from knowing that you are helping to reduce consumption, and therefore helping to protect our natural resources.

When you want to reduce the amount of power consumed by your Mr. Coffee maker without compromising your coffee routine, consider these energy-saving tips:

1) Switch Off The Mr Coffee Maker

It may surprise you to learn that a large part of the energy consumed by your coffee maker comes from its standby mode. You can save energy by turning off the Mr. Coffee maker after the water reservoir is empty. By unplugging it, you will save quite a few watts.

2) Thoroughly Clean Your Mr Coffee Maker Regularly

Water tanks accumulate mineral residue over time that interferes with your Mr. Coffee maker’s heating function. Keep it clean so that it keeps heating efficiently and that your energy bills do not go up. Once a month, you should clean your Mr. coffee maker thoroughly.

3) Purchase An Energy-Efficient Mr Coffee Maker

Each of the above figures represents an average and not an absolute value. There are several different types of Mr. Coffee makers available within those ranges. Try energy-saving models for your office or homes, such as automatic shutoffs and low-wattage units.

4) Use Reusable Single Cup Filters

Mr. Coffee single-serve makers use a great deal of energy. The manufacturing of plastic pots generates additional waste when brewing. Reduce your costs and go green with reusable coffee filters.

5) Making Cold Brew Is A Great Idea 

It might be a good idea to combine your coffee addiction with your thirst for refreshments during the summer and in warmer climates. You can save energy by drinking cold-brewed coffee since it does not require heating, meaning fewer watts are consumed.

6) Make Coffee At Home Instead Of Driving To A Coffee Shop

Instead of driving to a coffee shop, make your hot beverages at home. The cost of fuel is probably much higher than what you’d save if you reduce your electricity use, not to mention the price of coffee.

Mr. Coffee makers consume over 1000 watts of electricity every day, adding less than $5 per month to the electric bill. Your coffee maker’s energy consumption can be lowered by unplugging it during the day or by turning off the warming plate after brewing.


Conserving energy is easier when you are aware of how much you use. It can also be helpful to keep it cleaned regularly and to turn it off when it is not in use. Mr. Coffee makers that are eco-friendly or energy-efficient can save you money. Coffee makers vary greatly in their energy consumption. Thus, whatever you choose, make sure you limit your energy usage.