How to Make Hot Cocoa in a Coffee Maker?

How to Make Hot Cocoa in a Coffee Maker?

Do you also rely on a coffee maker to brew your steaming cup of coffee, or do you turn to a microwave or stove instead? Owning a coffee maker offers numerous advantages. During one cold winter’s evening, as I was engrossed in reading a book on my sofa, the urge for a warm hot chocolate struck me out of nowhere. I generally eschew the conventional methods of making hot chocolate. My attempts at heating it in the microwave invariably result in hot chocolate spilled over myself or the counter, causing a mess. Consequently, I decided to experiment by heating two cups of water in the microwave and then pouring it into another cup containing the cocoa mix at the bottom. If your experience is anything like mine, you’re bound to make a mess once more.

One way is to heat the stove, but that is just the beginning. It occurred to me that if I could use my coffee maker to make hot chocolate. Is it possible?

I gave in to various efforts, and after many failures, I finally found it.

What you will Need:

  • Water
  • Packs of the hot chocolate mix (or you can make your own)
  • Coffee maker

How to Make Hot Chocolate from Coffee Maker?

  1. Fill the coffee maker with water in the same way you make coffee.
  2. Open your packets of the hot chocolate mixture and place the contents in the coffee machine’s coffee grinder. (If you add 5 cups of water, you can use 3 to 4 hot sachets.
  3. You can now add your favorite sweet drink. If you like your hot sugar-free chocolate like me, you can skip this part.
  4. Turn on the coffee maker and let it run for a few minutes.
  5. When the mixture boils, stir well and make sure all the flour melts.
  6. Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy.

How can you use a Coffee Maker to Make Hot Chocolate?

The coffee shop offers an easy way to make hot chocolate. Some machines lump explicitly made for chocolate. If not, then the machine will have an empty box where you can pour your favorite chocolate powder and prepare your favorite cup of hot chocolate.

Another type of coffee maker available on the market is beans in a cup of the coffee machine.

How can you use a Bean Coffee Machine to Make a Hot Cup?

If you have beans in a coffee cup-making machine instead of regular coffee, and you think you can’t use them to make hot chocolate, you’re just not right!

You can make a perfect cup of delicious hot chocolate using beans in a coffee cup machine, not just in one, but in two ways-

  • Boil a cup of milk using a lump of milk in your coffee machine. When almost halfway through, add a pack or two to your favorite chocolate flavor.
  • Mix the liquid well and add boiling water to reduce the mixture.
  • Voila! You have a hot cup of hot chocolate using this method. Now you can sit quietly on your couch at any time of the winter evening and relax.
  • For all lactose intolerant people or who avoid dairy products, this method will be beneficial. Just take the hot water out of the water and add the usual hot flour. Mix the mixture well, and you will get a delicious cup of hot chocolate.
  • The third type of coffee machine is a capsule coffee machine. Let’s see how we can use this machine to make hot chocolate.

How can you use a Capsule Coffee Machine to Make Hot Chocolate?

Using a capsule coffee machine can be complicated as most capsule coffee machines come with restrictions on using certain types of pills. In addition, these capsules must be attached to the machine. Therefore, it may be best to search the machine with your product capsule containing hot chocolate.

Alternatively, if your machine can work with a powdered milk capsule, brew a cup of milk and add hot chocolate. You’d better go!

If your machine does not fit any of these methods, I have a recipe you can try. First, you can try making chocolate.! Make yourself an enjoyable cup of Espresso. Add the boiled milk and hot chocolate. Mix well. You will not regret trying.

Now you can drink a mouth-watering cup of hot chocolate using a coffee machine in your kitchen!

But what if you Run Out of Packets of the Hot Chocolate Mixture?

You can do it at home! Surprisingly, a homemade hot chocolate mixture is less expensive than the market and easier to make.

How to Make a Hot Chocolate Mixture at home?

You only need 4 ingredients to make this hot chocolate powder that is easy to prepare. I am sure you can easily find these ingredients in your photos.

What you will need:

To make this delicious combination of chocolate, you will need-

  • Sugar-free cocoa Powder
  • Sugar
  • Salt (optional)
  • Powdered milk

We use powdered milk to make hot chocolate into the cream. Also, using dry milk ensures that the mixture will last longer.


You can use two methods to prepare a hot mixture made from chocolate.

  • Take all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix until all of them come together to get a powder-like texture. Please keep them in an airtight container.
  • Place all ingredients directly in the manufacturer’s pot. Cover with a lid and stir the pot well to mix well.

These sinister jars are not only an effective way to keep the mix for a long time but also serve as thoughtful Christmas gifts for your family and friends. You can give them these encounters as a gift them.

Bottom line:

This article provides you a fair idea of making hot chocolate at home without a traditional method. Making hot chocolate is not a complex process if it is done with the right approach. I hope this article will be beneficial for you to make the recipe as mentioned above.