Where to find authentic Georgian cuisine in New York

A food lover in NY will inevitably stumble upon Oda House – an authentic Georgian restaurant. Since it opened its doors to guests almost a decade ago, Oda House has been conquering the hearts of the strictest foodies who demand only the best quality and services.

The Oda House’s Chef and co-founder, Maia Acquaviva is undoubtedly the most significant contributor and inspiration for the restaurant’s success. She seems to be the embodiment of a true American dream, she made up her mind to move to the USA and start her life anew here.

Where to find authentic Georgian cuisine in New York

But could Maia imagine that she’ll end up being an owner and co-founder of two trendy restaurants in the very heart of New York? Hardly, but the call of her soul was strong enough for her to swap her successful plastic surgeon career to pursue her dream of opening a Georgian cuisines restaurant in New York.

Born and raised in Georgia, Maia is quite passionate about treasuring the Caucasian cooking traditions she inherited from her grandmother and enriching them with some modern flavor. From early childhood, Maia was exposed to the art of cooking: how to make a perfect dough for khachapuri or the juicy filling for ​​khinkali and how to make suluguni melt in your mouth. Who can know all the finest details of the national cuisine than a person who was literally born into it?

As of now, Maia has been warmly welcoming guests in Oda House and serving traditional Georgian specialties for almost a decade. Every day she makes fresh dough and cheese for her dishes like she would do for dinner with her family. Georgians believe that every guest who sets foot in their home is sent by God, thus should we warmly welcomed and treated.

As a chef, Maia values the quality and freshness of the dishes the most. Oda House strives to support local businesses and serves organic products from tried-and-trusted local farms. No less important is the authenticity. What taste with khachapuri the best? Of course, a glass of Kvevri wine imported directly from Georgia. Oda House has more than 20 types of natural wine to offer. Quite a versatility.

Maia Acquaviva is the major inspiration of the Oda House’s hospitality philosophy. Thus, respecting and comforting the guests are the cornerstones of hospitality in Oda House.