How Many Watts Does Mr. Coffee Maker Use

Find Out How Many Watts Does Mr. Coffee Maker Use

Mr. Coffee is a well-known coffee machine brand, and if you are reading this, chances are you own one. Are you wondering about the wattage of Mr. Coffee machines? The answer is just ahead. Like all coffee machines, Mr. Coffee uses electricity to operate, and considering that your electricity bill reflects every watt consumed, it’s beneficial to know the device’s energy consumption. Knowing the amount of electricity your coffee machine uses might seem trivial, but it’s a practical starting point for those looking to reduce their energy expenses. Without this knowledge, minimizing electricity usage would be challenging.

What Is Watts

Watts is the more convenient form of the unit wattage which is used to measure the amount of power consumed by an electrical appliance. It is derived by multiplying the volts by the amperes and that is exactly what determines how much your coffee maker costs you because the electricity company will bill you based on how many watts the coffee maker consumes. Though the amount might not seem much, it’s great if it can be minimized because it could amount to something significant if you brew over and over each day for years. 

How Much Power Does My Mr. Coffee Maker Use

A Mr. Coffee Maker uses about 900 watts per brew. Some models might be found to use more or less depending on the size and capacity. But, every Mr. Coffee Maker will use anywhere between 600 to 1200 watts per brew. For some models that have heating plates that keep the coffee hot after brewing, they tend to consume more power because it takes about 60 watts each hour to keep the coffee hot. The heating plate stays on for about 2 hours until it goes off automatically if it isn’t turned off. If you’re a coffee lover and can do anything to have a great cup when you want to, the power usage will most likely not bother you because it is relatively cheap. This power usage will cost you about 7 to 8 Cents each time you brew. It is truly not too much to spend if you do love coffee, but hey, we all want it cheaper if it’s possible. 

How To Minimize Power Usage In My Coffee Maker

Now, this is an interesting part. If you want to minimize how much your coffee maker costs you to use then doing the following will help you with that. 

  1. Clean Your Coffee Maker Often: Every coffee maker works best when it’s clean and free from scales. This is one of the reasons why every user is advised to clean coffee makers as often as possible. Not cleaning your coffee maker will make it spend more time brewing, with a resultant increase in how much power it uses. If you want your coffee maker to work efficiently and use the smallest amount of power possible, then you should also invest in cleaning it often. That’s one good way to reduce how much power your coffee maker uses. 
  2. Turn It Off When It’s Not In Use: Now this is a great way to start minimizing how much power your coffee maker uses. Leaving it on standby will consume about 60 watts each hour, so if you’re trying to reduce how much electricity your coffee maker uses, then you should turn it off when you’re not using it. Come to think of it, leaving your coffee maker on even poses a fire hazard, so turn it off. 
  3. Brew Large Amounts Of Coffee: If you’re looking for a way to minimize energy usage in your coffee maker, then you might want to brew large amounts of coffee rather than brew every time you want a drink. You can store your coffee in a thermos to keep it hot for as long as possible, and in that way, you will avoid having to brew every time you want a cup. 
  4. Use Energy-efficient efficient Coffee Maker: This might be a little too late because you most likely own a coffee maker already. But for subsequent purchases, make sure you buy coffee makers that generally consume the minimum amount of power possible. This is also a great way to minimize how much power your coffee maker uses. 

Maintenance Tips For Your Coffee Maker

A properly maintained coffee maker works best and for longer periods. To optimize how your coffee maker works, you should make sure it’s properly maintained and kept in order every time. This is also a good way to reduce power usage. 

  1. Keep your coffee maker dry at all times. Though water runs through it, it shouldn’t be on it. There is no reason why you should immerse your coffee maker in water or leave spills on it. If you need to clean the body, you can do that with a soft damp material. And make sure you keep it dry. 
  2. Clean as often as possible. Scales in your coffee maker are its worst enemy. If you want to keep your coffee maker in order, always clean as soon as you can or based on the recommendations in your user manual. This will help keep your coffee maker’s efficiency in check.
  3. Do not use abrasive materials on it. Your coffee maker will have scratches if you use abrasive materials on it. In a bid to get it clean, don’t do something that will harm your coffee maker. The soft material will do the job best. 



Knowledge of how much power your coffee maker uses will help you to know how best you can reduce it. Though you might just to know out of curiosity, it is still okay. You should actually know everything possible about your coffee maker. To be sure of the exact amount of power your coffee maker uses, check the specifications in the user manual. You can then do the simple math of multiplying the volts by the amperes, and you’ll have your answer. If you can’t do that, then a power meter will do that for you.