How Do I Flush My Ninja Coffee Maker

Starting your day with a cup of coffee in the early morning can truly set a positive tone for the day ahead. However, many people overlook the necessity of regularly cleaning their Ninja coffee maker to maintain their coffee’s quality. Considering you use your coffee maker multiple times throughout the day, it’s important to give it a deep clean every six months to ensure it continues to perform well. If you’re wondering about the best way to run the flush cycle on a Ninja coffee maker, don’t stress. We’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Items To Get You Started To Flush My Ninja Coffee Maker

It’s relatively easy to clean your coffee maker once you have all the necessary items. To flush your Ninja coffee maker, you’ll definitely need the following items.

1) Hot Water

Hot water takes care of the majority of your cleaning.

2) Hot Soapy Water

Hot soapy water will not only help clean your water system, but also your coffee pot and water reservoir.

3) Descaling Solution

You will need some kind of cleaning solution. The brand of descaling solution you use doesn’t matter as long as it’s designed specifically for coffee makers. You can also use vinegar as a cleaning solution when you don’t have a cleaning solution at home.

Ninja Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions

It’s time for a clean Ninja Coffee Maker when the clean light flashes. Ensure that the coffee maker is cleaned every couple of months. Otherwise, it may not function properly if the clean light is on.

Step 1: Fill the reservoir up with water and cleaning solution.

Step 2: Insert the empty carafe into the coffee maker and select ‘FULL’.

Step 3: Press ‘CLEAN’ to begin cleaning.

Step 4: To flush, either run two hot water cycles or run a flush cycle

Step 5: Make sure to clean all the remaining parts of the coffee maker.

Ninja Coffee Maker Descale Instructions

When your coffee maker’s light flashes, it is time to clean out all the mineral build-up. Mineral build-up makes your coffee taste bad. To remove mineral build-up from your coffee maker completely, follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare The Descaling Solution

Before you begin cleaning, prepare your solution. If you use a descaling solution, be sure to follow your brand’s specific instructions. In the case of white vinegar, you can fill the reservoir in equal parts with vinegar and water.

Step 2: Put The Carafe In Place

The cleaning solution needs to pass through the coffee maker after a cycle through, so make sure your carafe is set up correctly in the coffee maker. You should select ‘FULL’ as the setting for the carafe in order to make it work best.

Step 3: Activate the Clean Cycle

The next step is to run a Ninja Coffee Maker clean cycle. By doing this, the descaling solution is circulated through the entire coffee maker in order to remove minerals that have built up.

Depending on the Ninja coffee maker model you have, this could take 8 minutes or 60 minutes. Let the cleaner do its work without touching any buttons or cleaning anything until after the cleaning cycle has completed.

Step 4: Run The Flush Cycle

Your Ninja coffee maker may have the capability of running a flush cycle within 15 minutes of the clean cycle to avoid having to start over.

The reservoir should be filled with clean water once the carafe and reservoir have been washed. If your coffee maker displays ‘FLUSH’, it has begun the 8-minute flush cycle. When you see the display, click ‘CLEAN’.

In Ninja coffee makers without a flush cycle option, you will need to fill the reservoir with clean water and run a water cycle two or three times to remove any remaining cleanser.

Step 5: Clean And Rinse Again With Water

You now can clean the rest of your coffee maker after it has completed the cleaning cycle. Make sure to clean the carafe and reservoir with hot soapy water one final time. Don’t forget to remove and wash your Ninja coffee maker filter as well.

Step 6: Allow Ninja Coffee Maker To Cool Down

Let the coffee maker cool down for about 30 minutes after cleaning the inside. You can brew your coffee again after it has cooled down.


The next time your Ninja coffee maker’s light is on, you will know how to clean it. If you learn the right procedures, Ninja coffee makers are relatively simple to clean. By following these few simple procedures, you will be able to restore the beauty of your coffee maker.