How Do I Reset My Keurig Coffee Maker

What is the procedure to restart my Keurig coffee machine? Understanding the method to restart your Keurig Coffee Machine is crucial for addressing different problems. This piece will guide you through the optimal method for restarting your Keurig Coffee Maker.

Keurig Coffee Maker is one of the most popular coffee-making systems available currently. It is mainly popular because of the versatility and compatibility of the K pods. Using the k-cup pods, you can enjoy different flavors and variations of the coffee from the same machine. Although there are several machines in the market that offers you such convenience currently, the Keurig Coffee Maker is the first to introduce it.

It is no wonder that the Keurig Coffee Maker is very convenient when it comes to enjoying your favorite variation of the coffee. However, you might find the device in odd conditions where the features are not performing accordingly. The easiest way to solve the problem is by resetting the machine. Let see how to do this.

How To Reset Keurig Coffee Maker (Version 1.0)

Sometimes, your coffee maker will show some technical issues which can be easily solved by a simple reset. Such as, sometimes some features or functions of the coffee maker don’t work accurately. Moreover, sometimes the screen shows wrong data. In these situations, you might reset the inside circuit to solve the issue. Keep reading the guide to understanding how to do this.

Open and Close the Lever

Is your Keurig coffee maker brew cycle is not working properly? You should be able to solve this issue easily by opening and closing the lid. Simply open the k-cup lever and then close it just like you do it while adding the pods. This should reset the machine to uninterrupted the brew cycle.

Turn Off and On

If the issue is one of the other features like in the program buttons, clocks, or on the display, the above step might not work for you. To solve this, you need to reset the entire machine. This can be done easily by turning off the machine. Make sure that the cable is unplugged also while it’s off. Leave it for a few minutes, around 5 minutes should be enough. Turn on the machine in the usual way after that.

Allowing your machine to rest by turning it off should remove the glitch. When the machine is off, the inside circuit can reset itself so that it can start without any issues. By following this way, you should be able to solve most of the issues in display and buttons.

Remove and Reattach the Reservoir

Sometimes the issues can be caused by the water reservoir of the machine. There are actually a lot of sensors in the machines. They might get wrong information while opening and closing them which can lead to issues. You can try removing the water reservoir from the machine by disconnecting it from the machine.

After that, put it back again. What you need to do next is to press the start button. This should solve the issue and allow the machine to start normally. Beware while working with the reservoir as you might break by handling it in the wrong manner. Apart from the water reservoir, you can also try removing and reattaching the other removal parts of the machine.

How To Reset Keurig Coffee Maker (Version 2.0)

Now the Keurig Coffee Maker V 2.0 is available everywhere with better and more efficient features. However, you can still encounter random bugs and glitches. Actually, it is normal like the other machines that include an electric circuit inside it. Here is how to reset your Keurig Coffee Maker 2.0:

Turn it Off and On

The ultimate solution for coffee makers with technical glitches is turning it on and off. If there are any such issues in the machine, you can try resetting it on and off by following the above method. That is very easy. Simply turn off the machine and disconnect the plug. Leave it for 5 minutes and then reconnect. Most of the glitches should be solved following the way.

Especially, if the problem is somewhere in the display, this method should work effectively to solve it. Make sure to set the clock again and adjust the other settings of the machine as you want. Once you are done, set the display to the “Lift to Begin” screen. After that, turn the brewer lever to start making coffee again.

Check the Settings

Sometimes the machine can be malfunctioned by erratic settings. It happens mostly on the device including digital display and programmable features. For issues like turning on/off randomly, check the energy-saving setting. Sometimes it can also be caused by the auto on/off and wrong clock time.

Resetting Keurig Coffee Maker with Digital Display

If your Keurig coffee maker arrives with a digital display, then you should try the below method to reset it. It is a bit advanced and you will require doing it attentively. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Tap the medium and small mug buttons in your coffee maker parallel and then release them at the same time.
  2. Tap the menu button instantly after releasing the buttons. You should find the clock reading to “6:09”. If the reading is different, you have failed to complete the first step properly.
  3. Now once again press the menu button. This should change the display and show “brew 0:0”.
  4. Press and hold the “medium mug” button and then press the menu button without releasing the mid mug button.
  5. Now press the small mug button while still holding the medium mug button. After that, release them together. Now keep the machine off and unplugged together.

This should reset the machine and solve the glitches. Note that it might not work for all the Keurig Coffee Maker.


The Keurig Coffee Maker can be a great companion for anyone to enjoy coffees of different flavors from the comfort of home. But the errors and glitches may affect your experience. We hope that the above guide should help you to reset your Keurig Coffee Maker.