How Do You Descale A Krups Coffee Maker

Beyond the basic cleaning of your Krups coffee maker, which includes washing the carafe and filter, there is an additional cleaning method that ensures your device operates efficiently and continues to produce high-quality coffee. This supplementary cleaning process involves descaling the Krups coffee makers, a quick and easy procedure that typically requires common household items. If you’re wondering how to go about descaling your Krups coffee maker, rest assured, we’re here to walk you through the process step by step.

The Importance Of Descaling Krups Coffee Maker

Hard water is a contributing factor to scale deposits in coffee makers. The term ‘hardness’ refers to water that is hard to lather with soap. There are many dissolved salts in hard water, most of them calcium and magnesium. These accumulate in pipes, water heaters, and even coffee makers.

Descaling a Krups coffee maker involves removing the mineral buildup, which Krups points out has the potential to hinder its performance. The removal of these deposits also removes the unpleasant taste that is associated with coffee brewed with hard water.

How To Know It’s Time To Descale Your Krups Coffee Maker

You will see the ‘CLEAN’ light flash when your Krups coffee maker requires descaling. Generally, Krups coffee makers should be descaled once a month, or after 20 to 40 brewing cycles. The guidelines are flexible, however, as they depend on your water’s hardness and how regularly you make coffee.

It’s time to descale your coffee maker if it’s taking it a long time to brew, producing a lot of steam, stopping before completing a cycle, making noise toward the end of the cycle or making a lot of noise as the cycle ends.

The Items You Need

Once you have all the necessary items, cleaning your coffee maker is relatively simple. In order to descale your Krups coffee maker, you need to have the following items.

1) Hot Water

Most of your cleaning is taken care of with hot water, which breaks down hard water accumulations very easily.

2) Hot Soapy Water

The hot soapy water will not only help clean your water system, but it will also help you clean your coffee pot and water reservoir.

3) Descaling Solution

Some sort of cleaning solution will be needed. Whatever descaling solution you use, make sure it’s designed specifically for coffee makers. Whenever you do not have a cleaning solution at home, you can use vinegar as a cost-effective descaling solution.

Krups Coffee Maker Descaling Instructions 

To completely remove mineral build-up from your Krups coffee maker, remove the filter cartridge first, according to the user manual instructions for your specific model of Krups, then follow these descaling steps:

Step 1: You can use the Krups descaling solution or combine white vinegar and fresh water in an equal amount.

Step 2: Into the water reservoir, pour the descaling solution.

Step 3:You can start the descaling cycle by pressing the “CLEAN” button, followed by the “BREW” button.

Step 4: You need to wait 30 minutes for the cycle to end.

Step 5: Check the water reservoir after 30 minutes to see if it is empty, then click “CLEAN” to restart the descaling process.

Step 6: Rinse the coffee maker when the water reservoir is empty by running two full 12-cup cycles with just water, no coffee.

Step 7: The filter cartridge should be replaced at the end.

Krups Duo Filter – What Is It 

Krups Duo Filter is a double-action filter which not only minimizes chlorine as well as scale deposits. The Duo Filter does not eliminate descalement completely, but it significantly reduces the frequency with which you must descale your Krups coffee maker. To know if a Krups Duo Filter can be used in your coffee maker model, check its user manual.

Krups Coffee Maker Regular Cleaning

Every Krups coffee maker comes with a user manual that will provide detailed instructions on how to regularly clean it. You can usually wash the glass coffee cup in the dishwasher, but Krups recommends only washing it on the upper rack.

The removable filter holder and the permanent filter should be hand-washed in warm, soapy water. When washing the glass carafe by hand, use a soft cloth or sponge to clean it in hot soapy water. Don’t use cleaners or scrubbers with abrasive properties since both can scratch the glass.


The next time your Krups coffee maker’s light is on, you will know how to descale it. If you learn the right procedures, Krups coffee makers are relatively simple to clean. By following these few simple procedures, you will be able to restore the beauty of your coffee maker.