How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker

For many of us, a morning doesn’t start off right unless it includes a delicious cup of coffee. It’s not just about waking up your mind, but also about providing the energy needed to power through the entire day. However, after brewing coffee several times, you might notice the flavor turning bitter, even when you’re sure to measure ingredients perfectly. The culprit often lies within the coffee maker. Neglecting to clean it periodically can prevent it from delivering that perfectly brewed coffee you crave. So, the question arises, how do you clean a Hamilton Beach Brewstation coffee maker?

You don’t need to worry because the best article for cleaning a coffee maker is here. In this article, you will find the best and easiest ways to clean a coffee maker with some elements present at home. So, why are you waiting for me? Let’s dive into the writing.

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker (Method 1)

Contaminants of water and coffee leftovers might add up over time in the machine if you continuously use the coffee maker. These residues may change the taste of coffee. It also affects the efficiency of your coffee makerYou can recover your coffee maker’s efficacy by cleaning it on a regular schedule. 

Before You Begin

If you want to clean a Hamilton Beach Brewstation coffee maker, you should gather the necessary ingredients first. Take some microfiber cloth, a container, and some cleaning agents.

You can apply lemon juice, vinegar, or commercial coffee maker cleaners for the cleaning process. These ingredients can clean all debris from the coffee maker.

Let’s check the vinegar method-

Step 1: Prepare the Machine

Pull out the water filter and water filter holder. Switch on your BrewStation coffee maker. Afterward, adjust the clock. Put the coffee tank on the warm plate feature. Then, set the filter basket on the coffee tank.

Step 2: Fill the Reservoir With Vinegar

White vinegar is a powerful cleanser for Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker. Add one quart of vinegar into the water tank. Pour it with two quarts of water.

Step 3: Switching Feature

When you want to start cleaning, switch on the button twice for the clock version and once for the non-clock version. The screen will remain glowing all through the cleaning time. After twenty seconds, switch off the device. Then, vinegar will begin to do its work.

Step 4: Tracking the Time

Vinegar needs twenty seconds to clean the Brewstation properly. For counting the exact time, take a timer or any other tracking device. Flip the switch on after twenty minutes. Complete the brew cycle before shutting it off.

Step 5: Pour with water

Set aside to cool before completely removing and cleaning the coffee tank. Before placing the reservoir on the warm tray, add tap water to it.

Step 6: New Brewing Process

Switch on the brew station to start a new brewing cycle with the same solution. After finishing the brew cycle, dump the coffee tank again. Let it sit aside for some time. Meanwhile, BrewStation will be cooled.

Pour cold water again into the reservoir. Then, repeat two or three more brewing cycles.

Step 7: Clean Up the Dirt

Lastly, make a solution of water and soap. Then, thoroughly clean the brew basket, drip tray, and coffee tank. Never try to clean the coffee tank in the dishwasher. Dishwashers are harmful to the materials of the coffeemaker.

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker (Method 2)

Most of the users like to clean their Brewstation with a commercial coffeemaker cleaner. It doesn’t create an odor.

By following some steps, you can easily clean your Hamilton Beach Brewstation coffee maker. Check the following-

  1. First, take away the extra water filter. Load the coffee tank with water to its highest capacity.
  2. Pour the tank with the cleaning water and tablet. You can also fill the tank with a commercial coffee maker solution.
  3. Switch the brew station on and finish one brew cycle. Set aside to cool before removing water from the reservoir.
  4. Pour the tank again to its peak capacity. Start another brew cycle before emptying the water. Thus, run two to three more brew cycles until the Brewstation becomes clean.

Cleaning the Needle and Hot Plate

Brew Coffee maker contains a needle in its lid. Fold a small paper clip and push the head of the clip through the needle. It will help to clean the ground. Rinse twice or three times with cold water for complete cleaning.

If your coffee maker’s hot plate is prone to sticky spots, simply place a damp paper towel over the chilled surface. Then, wash it till the rough spots of the device are faded. Then, take out the paper towel and dry the plate. You can keep the metal texture exterior of the coffee maker clean and sparkling by rinsing with a moist cloth. 

How Often Should You Clean The Hamilton Beach Brewstation?

You will get a signal when you have to clean the Hamilton Beach Brewstation through a built-in sensor or a rotation clock.

After every thirty brew sessions, you will see CLEAN on the screen, signaling that the device demands to be clean. In several versions, the display remains bright for two cycles.

Besides, the residue sensor will display CLEAN once it detects severe leftover formation. And it will keep glowing until the device cleaning process.


The coffee maker is one of the essential pieces of equipment for coffee lovers. However, keeping the coffee maker clean can be tricky. Without knowing the right way to clean the machine, you can damage it easily. So, I will suggest you follow the article as it is and get the best result.

Let us know if you find any problems regarding the procedure. We are always here to help you. You are the best coffee maker in the world and your coffee-making machine is your strongest weapon. Best of luck!