Can I Use Coffee Maker to Boil Water?

A coffee maker serves as an excellent device for brewing a steaming hot cup of coffee at any time you desire. It’s crafted to enable effortless coffee preparation. The machine even heats the water for the coffee. This might lead you to wonder if a coffee maker can be used to boil water. However, in most instances, the answer is no. Continue with the article to learn more about this subject.

The coffee makers typically heat up the water for preparing the coffee. But you might not know that it doesn’t boil the water. Later in the article, you will find why most of the coffee maker is not suitable for boiling water. You will also know some interesting use of the coffee maker apart from making the coffee.

So, Can You Use Coffee Maker to Boil Water?

As we said earlier, the answer is not for the automatic coffee maker. Let us break it down for you. To prepare the water for your coffee, your coffee maker’s heating elements are designed to produce around 180 F to 205 F temperature. That is just below the boiling point. Inc case you don’t know, the boiling point of the water is 212 F. That means the heater in the coffee maker don’t produce enough temperature and the water is not heated.

The coffee makers arrive at the temperature because of a reason. As per the experts, the coffee offers the best taste and flavor in the exact temperature. The temperature is settled by the Coffee Association. As further temperature is not required, the coffee maker don’t boil the water. Now you might think that will it alright to use tap water or hard water in the coffee maker? The answer is as most coffee makers arrive with filters; it is not an issue.

If you are concerned about the issue, you should consider adding filtered water in the coffee maker. You may also utilize bottled water. Note that in some places water may boil at lower temperature due to the affect of pressure. One of these places is Denver, Colorado where your coffee maker might be able to boil the water.

Note that some manual coffee maker known as the stovetop coffee maker can heat the water to boil point. That is because the temperature is controllable at any range in these machines. You can simply lower or increase the temperature by adjusting the heat of the stovetop.

Do Coffee Makers Kill Bacteria?

If you are living in an area where the usual tap water is not that good, you might wonder whether the coffee maker can kill the bacteria or not. Especially, if you require boiling the water for drinking, you should be concerned about this issue. Well, we afraid that your coffee maker may not able to eradicate the bacteria entirely from the water.

Typically, the ideal temperature for bacteria growth is 8 C to 60 C. They start to dry after 80 C temperature. 100 C is the temperature where you can be assured that 100% of the bacteria is destroyed. Unfortunately, your coffee maker is usually around 96 C. As the coffee maker don’t boil the water, the temperature usually doesn’t reach 100 C in your coffee maker.

As a result, it can be a bad idea to use the tap water directly in the coffee maker. You may become get serious sickness by drinking coffee in the coffee maker. If your tap water is unclean, you must consider using filtered water on the coffee maker. You might also consider the bottled water but it can be a costly choice.

Besides, you can alternate the coffee maker with a manual stovetop coffee maker. This may require a bit more effort and attention than the automatic. But the effort is worthy for the goodness of your health. This is something you should take very seriously.

What Are Some Other Uses of the Coffee Maker?

Just because you cannot burn the water in the coffee maker doesn’t mean that you cannot use it for other works except making coffee. There are some interesting ways to expand the use of the coffee maker. Let’s see some of the options.

Make Soup

The coffee maker can be a great way to make your instant soup. Furthermore, you can also prepare the classic soup by adding the combining the precooked ingredient by using the coffee maker. The water of the coffee maker just gets heated enough to make your soup ready. In fact, the popular coffee machine Keurig even got some pods from the soup. Make sure that you are using clean filtered water or bottle water for this.

Make Pancake

Well, this is pretty random but you will be shocked to know that your coffee maker can be used to prepare the pancake. How can you do this? If your coffee maker include carafe then it can be used to make the pancake. Simply add the pancake ingredient to the hot plate after cleaning it properly. And, then put the machine to keep hot mode. The hot place becomes enough hot to make your pancakes ready.

Boil Egg

Although the coffee maker usually doesn’t boil water, it might be able to boil the eggs. Pretty interesting, right? Here is what you need to do: add the eggs in the carafe of the coffee maker and put it under the coffee machine. Then fill the reservoir with clean water and run a brew cycle. Now the hot water should come to the carafe and start boiling the egg. This will take around 10 minutes. Make sure the eggs are properly covered with water for boiling perfectly.


A coffee maker is incapable of boiling the water in most cases unless you are using a stovetop coffee maker. So, if you want to prepare boiled water from drinking, then you shouldn’t consider the coffee maker an option. However, you might consider it for the other options we have mentioned like boiling egg, making pancake, making soup, and other related options.