How to Descale Breville Keurig Coffee Maker?

How to Descale Breville Keurig Coffee Maker?


Descaling removes mineral buildup on the surface of your coffee machine, which can influence both the flavor and the efficiency of water flow. Undertaking the descaling process for your Breville Keurig coffee maker will require approximately one to two hours. The duration may extend if multiple cycles of the solution are necessary.

Over time tap water can leave mineral deposits and gradually build up a layer on the machine that hinders its performance. Therefore, it is recommended that the Breville should be descaled at least once a month. Nevertheless, if you use any water filtration system, you may need to do it as often as once every two weeks. Moreover, anytime your Breville Keurig coffee maker starts making less than perfect coffee, descale it instantly.

What’s Descaling?

Descaling is one of the essential parts of cleaning your Keurig brewer. Though this will practically process the removes of calcium deposits or scale, that can build up inside a coffee maker over time. Water containing minerals, like calcium, passes through your coffee machine and eventually accumulates on the machine’s heating element as limescale. Descaling a coffee maker is a process of removing that mineral buildup that can ultimately affect the excellent taste of your coffee.

Reason for Descaling your Breville Keurig Coffee Maker:

The main reason for descaling your Breville Keurig coffee maker is because of deposits or clogs that build upon your machine’s metal components or parts, which can affect the quality of water flow and taste in your Breville Keurig coffee maker. This mineral buildup and deposits can harm your machine and potentially cause wreckage gradually.

Two things you need when descaling your Breville Keurig Coffee Maker:

  • Fresh, clean water
  • Vinegar

How you can descale a Breville Keurig Coffee Maker?

Generally, descaling your coffee maker brewer is simple, but it’s a bit tedious. Therefore, the coffee maker machine should be given an hour or two of resolute consideration to get the most satisfactory results. Perhaps, if you follow these steps, descaling a Breville Keurig coffee maker with vinegar won’t be a dilemma/problem. Moreover, before starting the procedure, you must unplug your coffee maker appliance and open the water reservoir.

How to Descale a Breville Keurig Coffee Maker with Vinegar?

Step 1: Filling of the Reservoir with Fresh Water and Vinegar.

Firstly, vinegar is significant/ prominent for descaling because it’s so acidic. Then fill the reservoir of your Breville Keurig coffee maker with warm water. If you are using a small Breville Keurig coffee machine, use half a cup of white vinegar and a half cup of clean water. Note; however, some Breville uses one cup of white vinegar, when added to a half tank, always worked better than two cups of white vinegar when added to a full tank.

Perhaps, if you’re using a 12 cup Breville Keurig machine, you should make a puissant/robust cleaning solution, i.e., 4 cups of fresh, clean water and 8 cups of white vinegar. Moreover, it would help to use a cup marked in ounces or liter to give you accurate measurements. Once the fresh, clean water and white vinegar mixture are together in the reservoir, then plug in your Breville Keurig machine and turn it on.

Step 2: Rinse your Breville Keurig, the Coffee Maker.

Allow the mixture to stay in the machine for about half an hour. Remember, doing this will break down and decompose all the mineral buildup deposits accumulated during the process.

Step 3- Run a Descale Cycle.

Although depending on your Breville Keurig coffee maker, you may have a descale setting function on the machine, the only thing you need to do is push and hold the button for like 3 seconds, and it will show “Descale ”.

However, if the machine does not have unique features, turn on the device and brew the liquid like you usually brew your favorite coffee. Mind you; the machine display will read that it’s in descale mode. Then run the machine until all the water and vinegar solution has been unfilled inside the coffee pot.

After doing this category, you will hear the sound of water flow through your Breville Keurig coffee maker, but it will not be making any coffee as you are descaling your Breville. Instead, the mixture of both (water and vinegar) will run through the machine and clean out all the remaining mineral deposits and clogs that would otherwise store or build up in the machine.

This step could take about 3-5 minutes, depending on the machine and the number of build-ups. You can now pour another fresh, clean water inside the reservoir, push and hold the button for like 3 seconds to activate the descale mode again the way you did it in the first process.

By doing this, the water passing through the machine will take away all the unpleasant smells and tastes of vinegar. Then you brew again until all the entities/ units are empty. Doing this will ensure your machine clears all proportions that didn’t break down in the first place.

Step 4:- Repeating steps 2-4, respectively.

You can do this a few times until there’s no longer vinegar solution odor coming from the machine. However, you should perform a few cycles of clean water through this will eventually remove any traces of vinegar from the machine. Afterward, your Breville Keurig coffee maker is now ready to be used again.

Bottom Line:

If your Breville Keurig coffee maker water flow is reduced, the coffee may begin to taste sour if you have not descaled in some long time. These are probably the signs the coffee maker will notify you when it’s time to descale your machine. Perhaps, if proper care is not taken, some scales due to mineral deposits that come from hard water might cause it to malfunction. Feel free to hit us with inquiries and comments. Generally, descaling your Breville Keurig coffee maker should be easy for you to do once you follow our steps.