How To Warm Up Coffee In Coffee Maker

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Find Out How To Warm Up Coffee In Coffee Maker 

For a lot of reasons, there are days when your coffee will go cold and will need to be warmed up. I love my coffee hot, and I believe that a lot of people love theirs hot too. For instance, you’re working at home and brewed a full pot of coffee but for some reason, you couldn’t get back to it and it gets cold, then the quest to heat it up. If your coffee gets cold, it will be weak and become less enjoyable while over heated coffee gets burnt and tastes bitter. None of these tastes sound great. That is why a lot of people constantly look for effective ways to reheat their coffee and also keep the taste in check. In that case, you will not have to pour the coffee down the drain and won’t need to have it cold as well. If you’re wondering how to warm up coffee in a coffee maker, then your long search is over. In this post, you will find that out. 

How Hot Is A Cup Of Coffee

According to Specialty Coffee Association Of America, the appropriate temperature for brewing coffee is 195-205°F. And that is about how hot coffee gets. Maybe a little lower or higher temperature, but its all within this range. At this temperature, Coffee is properly extracted and it tastes great. Any temperature lesser than this will result in an weak tasting cup of coffee with under-extracted flavor. And any temperature higher than that will result in an over-extracted coffee with a burnt bitter taste. This temperature analysis is the main reason why a lot of people get cautious when it comes to reheating their coffee. In most cases, when coffee was not consumed immediately after it was brewed, and eventually gets cold, most people throw them out, but that’s not the only option there is. 

How To Keep Coffee Warm

These days, it is not hard to keep coffee warm because most coffee makers are built to serve that purpose. They have a heating plate that helps to keep coffee warm. Most of these heating plates automatically comes on immediately the brewing cycle has been completed and they can  stay on for up to two hours after brewing. Some coffee makers will even let you chose if you want the heating plates to stay on for longer hours depending on how it was made. There are also coffee makers that have thermal carafes that are tightly closed, subsequently preventing heat loss. This is also a good way to keep your cup of coffee warm until you want to drink it, so if you would love to keep your coffee hot for as long as possible, it will be great if you get one of such coffee makers. If your coffee maker neither has a heating plate nor a thermal carafe, another good way to keep your coffee warm for as long as possible is to store the coffee in thermos. This will also help to keep your coffee warm. 

How To Warm Up Coffee In A Coffee Maker If It Gets Cold 

Despite the methods you can use to keep your coffee warm, the coffee getting cold is inevitable and you would be on the quest to get it warm again. A good way to achieve that is to pour the already made coffee back into the water reservoir and let it brew. Just that this time, you won’t be needing any coffee grounds, since it is not a fresh brew. It won’t take much time and you will have your coffee scalding hot in only a matter of minutes. If this doesn’t seem like a good enough option for you, you can just pour the coffee into a mug and reheat it in the microwave. This method will help preserve the taste of your coffee and will still get your coffee hot again. 

What To Avoid When Reheating Coffee

In a bid to get your coffee hot, keep in mind that not all methods will work. Some methods might actually work out, but will probably make your coffee taste horrible, and in the end, you might have to throw it away even after going through the stress of warming it up. When reheating your coffee, you might want to avoid overheating it. The coffee should just be hot enough to be enjoyable and not too hot. If you over heat, it will get burnt and taste bitter and acidic. Adding hot water is also not a good option because in that case, your cup of coffee will become diluted and weak, and in the end, you will still have to throw it away. 

Is There A Better Way To Warm Up Coffee

The best ways possible at the moment is to brew your coffee in the coffee maker without any fresh coffee grounds or warm up in the microwave. These two methods help to maintain the taste and acidity of the coffee and you wouldn’t have a horrible tasting coffee after. 


Maybe warming up coffee might be a good idea but the best idea is to keep the coffee hot for as long as possible. That is why if you don’t have one already, it will be in your best interest to buy a coffee maker that has a thermal carafe or a heating plate. This will help keep your coffee maker hot, and you wouldn’t need to warm it up again. Also make sure you brew coffee that you can finish within the shortest time possible. If you’re working from home, brew coffee in small batches and store in thermos. This will help you avoid having to warm up your coffee. But if you do need to warm up your coffee, the methods that have been discussed earlier are a good option that you can use. Getting cold should not be a reason why you won’t be able to drink your coffee.