How to Keep Coffee Hot in Coffee Maker?

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How to Keep Coffee Hot in Coffee Maker?

Coffee makers are an essential appliance nowadays. They have now become the necessity of every household. Everyone loves to start the day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Coffee is no doubt beneficial as it helps to keep you energetic throughout the day. Some people even like to have 2-3 cups of coffee in a day.

Nobody wants to have a cold coffee cup. On the contrary, we want to be very hot to enjoy the taste, which is why we keep searching for ways to keep the coffee hot.

Let us study some of the ways along with myths to keep your coffee hot.

Coffee Makers:

Coffee makers have saved our constant run to the coffee cafes for a cup. Many coffee brands are now available in the market, which gives you many features and different capacities.

You can buy a single server coffee maker if you are living alone. For a family, the person goes for 12 or 14 cups of coffee makers.

Four Myths related to Keeping your Coffee Hot:

It is sometimes easy to do quick fixes in life, but when it comes to coffee, there is only one word of advice don’t do it.

Before moving towards the myths, knowing how much hot you want your coffee to be is essential.

First Myth-Use a Hot Plate to keep your Coffee Hot:

  • Hot plates are suitable for heating things but not for coffee. The reason is that it uses direct heat, which produces high temperatures so your coffee can go from dreadfully cold to scalding hot.

Second Myth-A Candle Warmer can do Magic:

  • Candle warmers are made to warm up the scented candles; maybe you thought about it because its place is the right size of a coffee cup.
  • Don’t build up any hopes as it will have the same result as a warmer plate. Your coffee can go from dreadfully cold to scalding hot.

Third Myth-Use Microwave to Reheat your Coffee Cup:

  • Microwaves are indeed convenient. Just open the door put the coffee mug in, press the button, and here your coffee is hot again. However, there is more to know.
  • Coffee comes with the deal of one-time use. In case you reheat it, the chemical makeup of the coffee will ruin the flavor. Some things are not made for reheating, and coffee is one of them.
  • Microwaves use radiation, so your coffee temperature can be uneven. You can get only heated up top and cold coffee from inside. Also, microwaved coffee tastes like burnt coffee.

Fourth Myth-Keep the Coffee in the Carafe so it will be Hot:

  • It is a misconception that keeping coffee in a carafe will be hot when your French press carafe has all the elements. It will only give you a coffee that will dry your mouth with no flavors.

Seven Different ways to keep your Coffee Hot:

  1. Wrap your coffee cup with a scarf or any thick fabric piece

We don’t always travel with the heat source, so keeping the coffee hot is the biggest challenge while traveling. You can use a scarf or jacket to keep the coffee hot. Layer it around your coffee cup so it can have more insulation.

Indeed, this way will not offer you long-lasting heat, but it will provide your cup with enough warmth so that it can be a pleasant drink.

  1. You can use a Cup Sleeve

Another inexpensive and handy way is to use a sleeved cup to keep your coffee hot. Make sure that your hands do not get scalded. The sleeves act as an insulator which keeps the heat in the cup away from your skin

Cup sleeves are an inexpensive and handy way of keeping your coffee warmer for longer. While its most obvious purpose is to help make sure that

  1. You can use a Travel Mug

Use a travel mug to keep your coffee hot. These mugs come with a reusable lid. Put the top on it and keep the coffee hot.

It will also keep the flavor of coffee safe.

  1. Preheat your Coffee Cup

Don’t worry if you let your coffee go cold. You will be glad to know that preheating the coffee cup can help maintain the brewed coffee’s ideal temperature for a longer time.

Fill the mug with boiling water and let it sit for a minute. Allow the temperature to spread throughout the cup when the liquid is cooled down. Throw it away or put it in the kettle for next time. This way will not affect the taste of your coffee.

  1. Buy a Thermos

It is one of the obvious ways to keep your coffee hot. Just pour it into the thermos or thermal mug right after brewing. Even you can buy a coffee maker which brews straight to the thermal carafe.

These thermoses are designed with insulating materials like plastic, silicone, or stainless steel, which will keep your coffee steamy and hot for a long time.

They are unbreakable, so best for travel. Also, light in weight so you can carry it easily.

  1. Use Metal Coffee Beans

They are also called coffee joules. Please put them in the coffee cup as they will absorb the heat and keep the coffee at that level for a longer time. Don’t worry; you can’t swallow them as they are the size of a spoon. However, you can preheat them as well so they can work more effectively.

  1. Buy a Cup Warmer for your Coffee Cup

You don’t want to sit in the traffic with a cold coffee cup. But, on the other hand, we all want it extremely hot to meet our taste.

A simple solution to this problem buys those electronic cup warmers for your car. You can easily plug them in your vehicle, and they will keep your coffee hot and save the taste as well. In addition, you can easily buy them according to your coffee cup size.

Bottom line:

Coffee is love, and we love to have it every morning. The first thing after waking up is a fresh cup of coffee. Throughout the world, coffee is the most favorite beverage.

But what if it gets cold?

Don’t worry; there are many ways to keep your coffee cup hot.

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