How to Clean Bunn VPR Series Coffee Maker

The Bunn Vpr series coffee maker enjoys widespread popularity in both commercial and residential environments. Like any appliance, it’s susceptible to accumulating calcium and lime deposits over time. Wondering about the cleaning process for the Bunn Vpr series coffee maker, or specifically how to clean the Bunn Vpr series coffee maker using vinegar? This article will provide the necessary details on this topic.

The Bunn Vpr series coffee maker can have calcium build-ups due to the existing minerals in the used water. Hence, the build-up will eventually affect the rich flavor of the coffee. So, it is advisable to clean the Bunn Vpr series coffee maker every three months. The following article will talk in detail on how to clean the Bunn Vpr series coffee maker accurately.

How to Clean Bunn Vpr Series Coffee maker?

In the widely used cleaning methods, white vinegar has owned the crown to clean coffee makers. It is a strong natural cleaner that effectively cleans things. This high acidity level helps to descale the calcium and lime build-up. Here on forth, we will be discussing how to clean the Bunn Vpr Series coffee maker with vinegar.

Step 1

Firstly, to clean the Bunn Vpr series coffee maker, leave the coffee maker plugged in or attached to the waterline. Then place the unloaded brew funnel inside the coffee maker. Note to remember that, if the water is highly condensed of minerals, it is better to install a water filter system. This will help to increase the life expectancy of the Bunn Vpr series coffee maker. 

Step 2

Next, reveal the brewer’s lid and gush a quarter of white vinegar-water solution in the water reservoir. After closing the lid, start the brewing cycle. But before that, let the cleaning solution sit in the water tank for two hours.   

Step 3

After waiting for two hours, it is time to unplug the coffee brewer. Then detach the brewing funnel and go underneath to reach the base of the machine. After that, start twisting the head in a leeward fashion.  

Step 4

Now is the time to use the deliming spring in the spray head. It is a piece of long and flexible equipment to dislodge calcium deposits. After using it, clean the residual build-up and flaky material with the help of a toothpick. 

Step 5 

Then flush a full carafe of cold water into the Bunn Vpr series coffee maker. Lastly, start the brewing cycle to clean the water reservoir. It will also get rid of the vinegar remnants that were left in the tank. So, there will be no aftertaste to ruin the coffee. 

Step 6

Place the carafe in its place to get the cleaning solution. Then, continue with the brewing cycle with distilled water about ten times. Also, it is advised to use bottled or distilled water. As. minerals in the water will again work as the calcium build-up.  

Step 7 

If there is not enough distilled water, flushing can be done by turning the brewer upside down on the sink. In this scenario, make sure to dislodge it from the plug or water pipe. Keep it in the same position until all the water has been poured out. 

Step 8

Then, fill up the brewer with clean, cold water again. And repeat the process three times. This will also help to get rid of the strong smell of vinegar. If this is not done properly, the residual vinegar will mix with the coffee. And will end up as a distasteful cup of coffee.  


How to Clean the Exterior of the Bunn Vpr Series Coffee Maker?

It is very unpleasant to see hand fingerprints on the exterior part of the Bunn Vpr series coffee maker. So, to get rid of the stain, simple soapy water, and microfibre cloth are enough. Firstly, pour some dishwashers in the warm water. Then damp the cloth with it. Later use the damp cloth to clean the surface of the Bunn Vpr series coffee maker.

How Much Vinegar is Necessary to Clean the Bunn Vpr Series Coffee Maker?

Usually, white vinegar and water are used to make a descaling solution. The proportion of the solution mainly depends on the model that is being used. Moderately, the proportion of the cleaning solution is 1:2 of vinegar and water. After taking the required amount, stir well to mix. Then place the solution in the water reservoir. 

Why has the Dripping Time of Bunn Vpr Series Coffee Has Decreased?

The dripping time of a Bunn Vpr series coffee maker is 3-5 minutes. But unfortunately, the brewing time may slow down. This is because of the calcium and lime deposits. The deposits clog the insides of the coffee maker after longer use. 

As a result, water needs more time to reach boiling time. Hence, the preparation of coffee grounds will take time too. This ultimately results in a slower dripping time for the Bunn Vpr series coffee maker

Why Is the Bunn Vpr Series Coffee Maker Overflowing?

The Bunn Vpr series coffee maker will start overflowing due to calcium build-up. The irregular cleaning intervals are the major issue. As the minerals of water will start piling up. This will result in the thickening of the build-up.

The build-up will start clogging the Bunn Vpr series, coffee maker. Then it will cause a backflow of water. Hence, resulting in overflowing water out of the coffee maker. So, it is advisable to clean the Bunn coffee maker at least once every three months. This will also ensure a better coffee experience. 


To enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, it is important to keep the Bunn Vpr series coffee maker clean. Because, uncleaned calcium build-up will not only cause backflow of water, but also the worst cup of coffee. The flavorful, strong flavor of the coffee will be dampened by the deposits. This is very undesirable to any coffee lover.

The Bunn Vpr series coffee maker will have a long life expectancy if used with proper maintenance. So, remember to clean the coffee maker according to the instructions provided for a rich experience.