How to Make Coffee in Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach is a well-known brand in the kitchen appliance sector, known for producing various models of coffee makers. In the following, we’ll explore the steps to brew coffee using a Hamilton Beach coffee maker.

Just purchased a new Hamilton Beach coffee maker? Well, you did a great job as the device will take your coffee-making experience to the next level. It will help you to prepare a perfect cup of coffee anytime you want. As a new coffee maker owner, it can be a bit confusing to use the device for the first. To make things easier for you, below, we will discuss how to operate the coffee maker.

The Hamilton Beach coffee maker is featured as an automatic appliance. Just like any other appliance from the brand, you should be able to utilize the device without any difficulty. Keep following the article to find an in-depth guide on how to make coffee in the Hamilton Beach coffee maker.

How to Make Coffee in Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker?

The Hamilton Beach coffee can make both hot and iced coffee. The coffee maker ensures the rich flavor of coffee in both too. Also, the brewing strength can be changed according to the taste. The newly introduced bold option derives that. Here on, we will be providing information on how to make coffee with this coffee maker:

Step 1

Firstly, fill up the water reservoir according to need. There is a water level guide in the water reservoir. This will come in handy for measuring the water. But remember to not exceed the amount. Depending on the model, the limit changes. So, check the manual for better understanding. Then place the water reservoir in its place. 

Step 2

Next, stock up the coffee grounds in the coffee filter. The manual has mentioned adding one tablespoon of coffee for one cup. In addition to that, don’t add more than 12 tablespoons of coffee. As it is the maximum amount for the Hamilton Beach coffee maker. Also, avoid pouring coffee grounds other than the designated area. This is to avoid malfunction.

Step 3

Then start the brewing cycle. The time period of the cycle is up to 5 minutes. The additional options are bold and one to four cups. So, choose according to desire. Alongside that, change the setting of strength to customize the coffee. Remember, the option of for cups is only used when there is adequate water in the reservoir. 


If the additional option is chosen to brew, the cycle will take extra time. For the unspecified brewing cycle, the coffee maker will start the basic brewing automatically.  

Step 4

Then press the button indicating keep warm. It ranges from zero to four. Generally, the option is there to make decisions between hot and iced coffee. For an iced cold coffee, press zero. If you wish for hot coffee, press four. Furthermore, the coffee will be kept warm for four hours inside the tank in range four.

Step 5

After that, choose the power button to start. The brewing cycle will begin making the coffee. While the cycle is ongoing, keep checking the water tank. Hence, monitoring will be easy to know the end of brewing. Besides that, the noise will also cease to exist after the brewing is done.  Lastly, place the coffee mug in the coffee dispenser. And, start enjoying the rich taste of coffee. 

How to Make Iced Coffee in The Hamilton Beach Coffee maker?

On this hot summer day, iced coffee gives the correct boost of energy. The coffee maker is programmed to make iced coffee. So instead of going to a cafe for iced coffee, making one is rather easy. The process to make iced coffee will be discussed here:

Step 1

Firstly, fill up the water reservoir with water. Then occupy the coffee compartment with ice cubes. It is advised to fill up to 10 cups of water level. Unfortunately, filling up more will hamper the fitting of the basket. So, don’t cross the 10-cup line.

Step 2

Next, add coffee grounds to the coffee basket. Furthermore, it is important to note that ice usually weakens the coffee flavor. So, while adding coffee ground for iced coffee, add twice the usual amount. This will help to maintain the flavor. 

Step 3

Then place the filter basket properly. After pressing the iced coffee option, start the brewing cycle. 

Step 4

When the brewing is done, place the coffee in the mug. Lastly, add syrup according to taste and enjoy the coffee.


How Much Coffee to Use for a Cup of Coffee in Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker?

The coffee maker’s manual has instructed to put 1 scoop of coffee for one cup of coffee. Furthermore, the maximum limit of coffee amount is 12 scoops or tablespoons. It is better to not exceed the said amount. As more than this will result in a malfunction during the brewing cycle.  

How Long Coffee Will Warm in Hamilton Beach Coffee maker?

The coffee maker doesn’t come with a heating plate or a carafe. But it has a brewing take inside. This feature has made it possible to keep the coffee warm. The brand has claimed to keep the coffee fresh and warm for four hours straight. This helps to appreciate the coffee for a longer period. 

What’s the Perfect Amount of Water for a Cup of Coffee in Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker?

The coffee makes the coffee by boiling the water first. So, remember to add an extra amount of water while making coffee. As a part of water will be lost during the boiling and prepping of coffee grounds.

It is said that to add 2 tablespoons of coffee in 6 ounces of water. And the 6 ounces can measure up to 3 to 4 cups of water. 


The Hamilton Beach coffee maker has offered options between hot and iced coffee. When a surge of energy is needed, choose hot coffee. But if the need is a refreshing cup of iced coffee, then go for iced coffee. The brewing cycle lasts only 3-5 minutes. Hence making a delightful coffee will be done in a short while. So, enjoy the coffee as preferred.