How Much Coffee For A 30 Cup Coffee Maker

How To Know How Much Coffee For A 30 Cup Coffee Maker 

People have varied reasons for making coffee in sizes that range from a single serving to medium and up to large quantities, such as using a 30 cup coffee maker. If you’ve recently acquired one and are eager to learn the correct amount of coffee to use for a 30 cup coffee maker, then you’ve found the right article, as we will explore this topic in depth. The quality of your coffee largely depends on the ratio of water and coffee grounds you use. When dealing with large volumes like those made in a 30 cup maker, it might seem tricky to figure out the perfect amount of coffee. However, this shouldn’t be a problem. The real challenge lies in the fact that a coffee maker cup size can vary among different coffee makers, and these sizes don’t align with the standard cup size, which itself varies internationally. Therefore, the initial step in determining the right amount of coffee for your 30 cup coffee maker is to figure out what your machine defines as a cup. Let’s get started.


How Many Ounces Is A Coffee Maker Cup

In the US, a cup is generally accepted to be 8 ounces. But, moving out of the US it is not so. The cup is not an acceptable unit of measurement so, it varies from place to place. In Canada, a cup is 7.6 ounces which is equivalent to 227 milliliters. In Japan a cup equals 6.7 ounces which is equivalent to 200 milliliters. An a cup is tagged as 250 milliliters in the metric system of measurement. You can already see that there a lot of discrepancies in what volume is measured as a cup. I would like to associate these differences with the fact that, cups generally do not come in the same size. A tea cup is small, a coffee cup is big, and a mug is larger. This does nothing to the fact that they are all cups. These differences are not found in found conventional cups alone but also in coffee maker cups. A coffee maker cup measures anywhere around 6 ounces. It could be more or less depending on the brand, though some coffee makers will let you choose your cup sizes. To know the actual size of your coffee maker cup, check the specifications in the user manual. It might also be written on either the carafe or the water reservoir. This will help you know how much water your coffee maker measures as a cup. 


How Much Coffee Will Do For My 30 Cup Coffee Maker 

According to SCAA, the golden ratio of coffee brewing is 1:16. That is, 16 parts water to 1 part coffee. This ratio has been found to produce good results and a lot of people use it. In order to apply this, you need to properly measure the amount of water that your 30 cup coffee maker can take. You can do this using a kitchen scale. If your coffee maker is 6 ounces, then the 30 cups will be equal to 180 ounces. And when measured with a scale, 180 ounces of water will be equal to 5103 grams. Okay, let’s get to the coffee. Using the golden ratio, the one part of the water will be 319 grams of coffee, and that is a little above one cup of coffee. To achieve a great result, then you can use anywhere between 1-2 cups of coffee


What If I Want A Different Measurement.

Keep in mind that coffee is subjective and how much coffee grounds you use in making your coffee is totally dependent on you and how you would love your coffee to be. You can use more if you want your coffee stronger and you can use less if you want your coffee lighter. SCAA can only offer you a guideline, in the end, you have to decide what you will do. It is still okay to experiment with different measurements to find out just how much coffee you will stick to whenever you’re making your coffee. At least in that case, you’ll be sure you’re going to love the result. The right measurement for coffee is the one that you love, so use any one you want, just make sure you brew something that you and everyone else that will be sharing the pot will love. 


How Much Water Should I Put In The Reservoir 

Earlier in this post, we already analyzed that cup sizes vary. If you know how many ounces your coffee maker measures as a cup, then you can do a few calculations to get the measurement for 30 cups. And once you do, you most likely don’t need to measure the water anymore. Some coffee makers might let you choose your cup sizes, but that’s less likely for 30 cup coffee makers. The only time you need to measure how much water you will put in your reservoir is when you want to know how much it weighs. If you already do, then you can easily decide how much coffee you will use. And in that case, you don’t need to measure the water every time you brew. Just fill the tank all the way up so you have enough water for the brew and avoid issues while brewing. That will also save you the stress of having to measure the entire amount of water every time. 



To achieve a great coffee result when you’re brewing, follow the SCAA recommendation until when you’re sure you can tweak the amounts to your taste. When you get to that point, there is nothing to worry about. Your pot of coffee will most likely turn out great. As earlier stated, how you enjoy your coffee is your right way to brew coffee. Use the measurement you’re comfortable with and enjoy your coffee.