🥇☕Best Coffee Maker For RVs in 2024

Owning an RV means you’re likely living much of your existence traveling. The greatest advantage of having an RV is the ease it provides in giving you a sense of home, no matter where you are. With an RV, you can possess and utilize critical appliances just as you would in a traditional home. For those who cherish their coffee, the ability to prepare your morning cup wherever your RV journey leads you stands out as one of the small pleasures of life on the road.

Unlike a regular home, RVs do not offer the same counter space. For this reason, you will need to invest in a special RV coffee maker to meet your coffee needs while on the road. Read on to learn everything you need to know about RV coffee makers, how to choose the right one and also the best recommendations in the market.

Types of coffee makers for RVs

Over the years, more coffee machine manufacturers have worked to ensure they avail coffee makers for RV homes and not just regular brick and mortar homes. Types of coffee makers ideal for RV homes include:

Single-serve coffee machines 

These units have become increasingly popular these days. Most of them work with specially prepared coffee pods and ground coffee. Also, most of these machines are made to cater to any coffee preference. while most single-serve coffee machines are expensive, it is possible to find some under $100. Even so, the price for making a cup of coffee with a single-serve maker is lower when compared to buying the coffee from a cafe.

Drip coffee makers 

This is the standard coffee maker you will find in most homes. It is ideal for an RV home with extra counter space. The main advantage of drip coffee makers is that they are relatively affordable. Some of them come with added features such as an automatic timer to ensure your coffee brews whenever you want it.


These are highly durable coffee makers but are also very expensive. They double as tea makers too. Percolators usually have a high temperature range, which makes the water too hot to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Under-cabinet coffee makers 

These are specifically designed for RV homes. As the name implies, this coffee brewing machine is installed under the cabinet to save on countertop space. As for the coffee quality, they can make good tasting coffee just like other coffee machines. They also come with most of the features in standard coffee machines.

Pour-over coffee makers 

These are the perfect coffee makers for RVs if you are looking for a machine that guarantees maximum extraction. If you have access to high-quality beans, you should consider a pour-over coffee maker for your RV. The only downside is that this type of coffee maker takes longer to brew your coffee.

RV coffee makers and power consumption 

While some percolators and coffee makers can be used on a direct fire, most RV machines require a power source to brew. Some come with high watts requirements, which some RVs cannot meet. Before buying a coffee maker for your RV, ensure it can meet your power connection.

The best coffee maker for RV should not exceed a 20-Amp power capacity requirement.

Stainless steel or glass carafes?

Glass carafes are highly common in most households. However, they may not be the best choice for RV homes because of their fragile nature. This makes stainless steel the best choice for a carafe to be used in an RV setting. Most stainless-steel coffee carafes come with double-wall insulation to ensure your coffee remains warm for longer without needed a hot plate.

The best coffee maker for RVs recommendations

Secura French Press Coffee Maker

Secura is a French press coffee maker made in a stainless-steel finish on the interior and exterior parts. It is made with a comfortable grip handle and has a knob for safe pouring. It is built to last longer, making it the perfect 1000ml capacity coffee maker for RV homes. It also has a stainless-steel filter constructed to ensure it can trap even the smallest coffee particles, ensuring you enjoy a full-flavoured cup of coffee each time. The filter screen is easy to remove and clean, making this press easy to maintain. You can stack two or more screens together to get a refined coffee taste.

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

If you love using K-cup pods, this coffee maker from Keurig will be perfect for your RV lifestyle. This is a coffee machine that comes with a 6-ounce brew size to give you the best-brewed coffee. Its large water reservoir ensures you can brew at least six cups of coffee without needing to refill the water, thus saving your time on your daily routine. It comes with an auto-off feature to ensure you can save on RV power when the machine is not in use. The simple button controls make brewing a breeze.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Being on the road full time is not a reason not to enjoy your espresso whenever you want. This machine brews the best tasting espresso and comes in the perfect size for RV homes. It is a one-touch espresso machine that requires only 15 seconds of pre-heating time and has cup support that can be adjusted to accommodate up to five cup sizes. Apart from espressos, you can use this machine to make Alto coffee, regular coffee, Gran Lungo and a double espresso. All Vertuo coffee makers use the patented ‘centrifusion’ extraction technology. This method uses rotations to blend the ground coffee with water to give you the perfect crema on your espresso. If you are looking for a high-end coffee machine for your RV home, this is one of the best deals in the market.

Cleaning and maintenance of RV coffee makers 

Before cleaning or undertaking maintenance for RV coffee makers, it is essential to go through the manufacturer’s instructions. Some machines come with dishwasher-friendly parts, while others can only be cleaned using coffee maker cleaners. It is necessary to know the kind of machine you own before you undertake cleaning.

Other standard cleaning guidelines include:

  • Do not clean your coffee maker while still hot.
  • Unplug the machine from the power source before cleaning
  • Always remove old coffee grounds after brewing to prevent the growth of moulds and bacteria
  • Regularly check parts to assess for damage


As you can see from the recommendations above, there are impressive options in the market when it comes to coffee makers for RVs. Whether you are travelling solo, with family or a group of friends, any of the three recommendations can work to ensure you enjoy your coffee fixes every day you’re on the road. Check out our best nitro cold brew maker if you enjoyed reading this review.