How to Use a Bunn VPR Series Coffee Maker

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Do you Bunn VPR Series is the Most Reliable?

The Bunn VPR coffee brewer is very popular as the go-to-pour-over commercial coffee brewer for small offices. This model is dependable, easy to use, basic, and sturdy enough to make great coffee for years.

Just the name indicates the Bunn O-Matic Corporation produces this coffee machine. The Bunn O-Matic corporation was established in 1957 and is also known for introducing the first paper coffee filter.

With its constant innovation in coffee makers, Bunn O-Matic has evolved over the years, and now they have started making commercial beverage equipment and more home coffee brewers.

Why Bunn VPR is the Best Coffee Brewing Machine?

The Bunn VPR coffee maker boasts two warmers, and it can brew eight pots of coffee in 60 minutes. The hot water reservoir keeps the water at the brewing temperature.

Start the brewing process by pouring water from the water pitcher into the inlet on the top of the brewer. The VPR series brew a 64 oz. Coffee in 3 minutes.

Every warmer has its control switch, and it automatically turns off when not in use. Also, with a central power switch on the back of the machine, you can turn the power to the hot water reservoir off if the machine is not used in the next few days.

The unique design of the model allows it to fit flush against the wall. Plug it into any 120-volt outlet. It doesn’t need any plumbing. The black designs are smudge-free. The company warranty period for this coffee maker runs from the date of installation.

How to Use Bunn VPR Series Coffee Maker in 8 Simple Steps

As stated above, the Bunn VPR coffee maker has two warmers, and it can brew eight pots of coffee in 60 minutes. The hot water reservoir keeps the water at the perfect brewing temperature. However, read on and follow the detailed instructions to effectively set up and use a Bunn VPR series coffee maker.

Step 1-Insert an empty funnel into the funnel rails.

Step 2- Put an empty dispenser under the funnel.

Step 3-Open the flip lid on top of the brewer and pour three pitches of tap water. Wait for 2 minutes between pitchers for water to flow into the tank. After pouring the third pitcher, the tank will fill, and the excess water will flow away from the spray head out of the funnel into the dispenser.

Step 4- Connect the brewer to the power source when the water flow stops from the funnel. Wait for twenty minutes for the water in the tank to heat up properly.

Step 5- Empty the dispenser and replace it under the funnel.

Step 6- Open the flip lid again on the top of the brewer. Pour one pitcher of tap water into the water tank.

Step 7- When the water stops flowing from the funnel, let the water in the tank reheat properly.

Step 8- Empty the dispenser. The brewer is now ready to brew fresh coffee.

How to Brew Coffee in a Bunn VPR Series

Step 1-Insert a Bunn filter into the funnel.

Step 2-Pour the fresh coffee into the filter and level the bed of grounds by shaking it gently. For two cups of coffee, take one scoop of coffee grounds.

Step 3-Slide funnel into the funnel rails.

Step 4-Put an empty dispenser beneath the funnel. Turn on the lower warmer switch.

Step 5-Open the flip lid on the top of the brewer and pour one pitcher of tap water.

Step 6-When the brewing cycle is completed, discard the coffee grounds and filter as well.

How to Clean a Bunn VPR Series Coffee Maker

Step 1-Take 50/50 of water and white vinegar and pour the solution into the water reservoir.

Step 2- Change the filter.

Step 3-Let the coffee maker completes one brew cycle, then throw away the water and vinegar solution.

Step 4-Pour fresh water into the water reservoir.

Step 5-Run 2-3 brew cycles so the vinegar can completely drain out of the coffee machine.

Step 6-Wash all detachable parts using warm soapy water.

Step 7-Rinse and dry them before putting them back in the machine. Do not put them wet in the machine.

Step 8-Clean the exterior of the machine by using a damp cloth.

Bottom Line

The Bunn VPR series brews coffee that is strong in flavor without any common bitterness come across by some coffee machines. Like any other Bunn model, this one also has a patented system that keeps the temperature at the ideal brewing temperature of 2000 Fahrenheit.

Bunn VPR series has a fast brew cycle that exposes the water to the coffee grounds so that you can have a perfect coffee cup in minimum time. The Bunn Coffee maker also created the perfect amount of turbulence via its spray head to suspend the ground coffee and extract the full flavor uniformly for the perfect cup of coffee.