How to make Coffee in an Industrial Coffee Maker?

How to make Coffee in an Industrial Coffee Maker?

Coffee shops have become a staple on every street corner. Make a turn, and there’s another café. This proliferation of cafes corresponds with the rising demand for coffee.

People now love to have coffee 3-4 times a day, some even more. So they start their day with a strong coffee cup in hand.Well talking about cafes, they need to make a lot of coffee because they don’t want to lose their customers. For that reason, they use industrial coffee makers. These coffee makers allow them to brew more than a pot at a time.

Industrial coffee makers are designed for coffee cafes, doughnut shops, hot drinks shops, or any meeting expecting many guests. The prime focus is on capacity rather than looks. They are not like the coffee makers we use at home. In every aspect, they are different.Don’t get confused by looking at a lot of functions and buttons. It just needs some training to understand it.

Industrial Coffee Makers:

An industrial coffee maker is an important machine that decreases the time to brew coffee. These coffee makers are perfect, especially for a doughnut shop, coffee shop, convenience store, in events where you are expecting many guests like a meeting or a convention.

The best feature of these industrial coffee makers is their capacity. It allows you to brew more than one pot at a time. Another unique part is that it has many warming plates so you can satisfy many users’ needs in a jam-packed store.

The myth that these industrial coffee makers are difficult to use is entirely wrong. Indeed, it has many buttons and functions, but it is just a matter of time to learn them.

Types of the Industrial Coffee Maker:

When we buy a coffee maker for home, our focus is on the size and appearance of the machine. You want your coffee maker to fit on your counter and look perfect.

For an industrial coffee maker, your needs will be different.

When working in a coffee café, you will need a coffee machine that produces plenty of coffee at a time.


Pour over are the semi-automatic machines that we see in industrial businesses. They can be both manual and automatic. For example, the pour-over coffee maker has many warming plates to keep decanters of coffee warm.

Automatic Industrial Coffee Maker:

As these coffee makers connect directly to the waterline, so they are convenient to use. With these coffee makers, you don’t need to worry about filling the reservoir for each new pot. Instead, when you load a filter and grounds, the coffee machine will brew a whole pot of coffee.

Many automatic coffee machines are designed with a separate hot water faucet. Therefore, you can get hot water for tea or hot chocolate. This is the most efficient option when you are offering many hot drinks at your café.

Commercial Espresso Machine:

The espresso machine needs more work than the pour-over and automatic coffee maker.

This coffee maker uses a different method of brewing coffee so you can enjoy a strong shot. You also have an option to enjoy the shot of espresso by itself or mix it into frothed milk to have cappuccinos and lattes. Remember, you don’t have to be a barista to make espresso taste good.

How to Make Coffee in an Industrial Coffee Maker?

Step 1-Pour Water into the Reservoir:

Start the process by pouring water into the reservoir. Using only cold and purified water is suggested as hot water has more chances of building up mineral deposits in the coffee machine.

Step 2-Time to Add Coffee Grounds:

First, add a new coffee filter by removing the filter basket from the coffee maker. If we see the coffee water ratio chart, then for every six o. of water, we need to add one scoop of coffee equal to 2 tablespoons. It is essential to measure coffee grounds before adding them to the coffee machine as coffee tastes depend on them.

Step 3-Put the Filter Basket and Carafe in the Machine:

Place the filter basket and a clean carafe in the coffee machine. Put the carafe on the warming plate. It is time to turn on the coffee machine and wait for just 5 minutes to have a perfect coffee cup.

Your coffee is ready in just 5 minutes!

Tips for using an Industrial Coffee Maker:

  • Always use Fresh Whole Bean Coffee Grounds:

The best coffee is when it is used within days of being roasted. Therefore, always buy coffee beans that are closed to their roasting days.

This will give you every aroma and flavor of the coffee beans. Else the coffee loses its taste when exposed to the air.

  • Always use a Clean Coffee Maker:

Using a coffee maker repeatedly results in the mineral build-up in the machine, especially in coffee cafes where you need to prepare coffee continuously.

So it is recommended to clean the coffee maker regularly and descale it after 20-40 brews. Otherwise, your coffee will taste bitter, so you can have more chances of losing customers.

  • Always use the Right Amount and Quality of Water:

Sometimes we overlook the amount of water required by the coffee machine. also the quality of water as well.

Use only purified and cold water for brewing coffee. According to coffee experts, water with chlorine can destroy the taste of coffee within seconds.

If you have mineral deposits or mold in the coffee machine, it can ruin the real taste of coffee.

Bottom line:

Coffee is an important beverage so does a coffee maker. Over time coffee makers have become part of every household. But no one can deny the taste of coffee which we get only from coffee cafes.

Industrial coffee makers give the best coffee as they are used only by coffee experts. These coffee makers are enormous in size and capacity. The focus is on ability, as looks don’t matter too much.

The primary function is to brew more coffee so more customers can be satisfied within a few minutes.