How to Use a Hamilton Beach Single Cup Coffee Maker

Do you Own a Hamilton Beach Single Server Coffee Maker?

Coffee machines have truly taken over globally. They’ve become an integral fixture in every home and workplace. Starting our day with a freshly made cup of coffee is something we all cherish.

One of the coffee maker brands in Hamilton. It is known for its affordable prices and easy-to-use features. Their coffee makers are available in different models with various features.

Hamilton Coffee Makers

Hamilton coffee makers are designed to make your life easy and straightforward. The brand uses consumer insight, in-depth research to give you the best coffee makers.

Their coffee makers are affordable and low maintenance. Hamilton coffee makers can brew basic or premium-roast coffee within few minutes. They are available in different models which offer various features.

Hamilton Beach Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Single-Serve Coffee Maker by Hamilton Beach makes getting a cup of great-tasting coffee so easy. There is no need to measure and pour coffee grounds as the mesh filter doubles as a scoop. Also, you can get more versatility with quickly brewing coffee by using your favorite coffee brand and flavor. With this model of Hamilton, there is no need to use pods or paper filters, so there is less to buy and waste. The coffee maker brews at a high temperature in minutes for great-tasting, flavorful coffee

How to Use Hamilton Beach Single Cup Coffee Maker

Before using the coffee maker, wash all removable parts in hot, soapy water. Rinse and dry them.

Brew one cycle with water and discard it. If water overflows, unplug the coffee machine and allow it to cool down.

To avoid hot coffee overflowing, fill the water reservoir with cold water with MIN 15 oz. (444 ml) and MAX 40 oz. (1.2 L).

Insert funnel before single-serve pod holder.

Fully insert cup or travel mug on the drip tray

Never open the lid during the brewing process.

If the process stops early, you have to complete the process to empty water for the cup size selected.

Place a large mug on the drip tray/cup rest: Press BREW REG or BREW BOLD button.

Remember, if you fail to drain the unit, it can cause the next cup brewed to overflow.

Remove single-serve pod holder before adding coffee grounds to brew basket.

To avoid overflow, keep ground coffee below 840300601 03/19 MAX fill line.

Tips for Using Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker

In the reservoir always pour cold water. Hot water is not recommended.

Don’t use Hamilton’s coffee maker for reheating coffee.

The water reservoir is not for creamer or non-dairy creamer.

To avoid the clogging of piercing needles, brew a water-only cycle without a single-serve pack after brewing hot cocoa.

Coffee makers brew all the water that you will pour in the water reservoir.

For stopping the brewing cycle midway, press the BREW NOW I/button again.

If your brew indicator light flashes three times, then the lid is not closed correctly. For that, lower the lid until it clicks to lock.

Never brew coffee without a removable needle holder locked into place.

How to Make Coffee in the Hamilton Coffee Maker

The programming is different for a single serving and full pot side programmable Hamilton coffee maker.

Here is how to program carafe side coffee maker

Step 1-Plug into the outlet.

Step 2-Press the carafe button.

Step 3-Now lift the lid and remove the carafe brew basket.

Step 4-put a paper coffee filter in the carafe brew basket. Use one level tablespoon of coffee grounds for each cup of coffee.

Step 5-Put the carafe brew basket back into the carafe brew basket holder.

Step 6-Fill carafe with 12 cups of cold water and pour it into the carafe water reservoir.

Step 7-Close the lid.

Step 8-Put the carafe with its lid on a warming plate.

Step 9-to change strength to bold, press the BREW STRENGTH button.

Step 10-Start brewing by pressing the NOW I/ button.T0 brew indicator light will turn on that shows the coffee maker is on.

Step 11-When the brewing cycle is complete, press the NOW I/ button again to turn it off.

Step 12-Unplug the coffee maker.

Step 13- Carafe brew basket holder and carafe should be rinsed after every use.

How to Clean the Hamilton Beach Single Cup Coffee Maker

Step 1-Unplug the coffee machine and allow it to cool down.

Step 2-Take all removable parts and hand-wash them with hot, soapy water.

Step 3-Rinse and dry or you can dish wash them only on the top rack. Don’t use the “SANI” setting for removable parts.

Step 4-Wipe the exterior with a soft, damp cloth.

Bottom Line

Coffee makers are a necessity, and everyone loves to have it at home. Hamilton is a known brand in the coffee industry. Their coffee makers are affordable, stylish, and also easy to use.

Using a Hamilton beach single-serve coffee maker is not a difficult task. You just need to understand few things and then brew coffee easily. All the steps and tips essential for using Hamilton coffee makers are mentioned in this article.