What Is The Life Expectancy Of a Coffee Maker

For many, starting the day without coffee is unimaginable, and like numerous folks across the US, my morning routine typically involves brewing a cup with my coffee machine. The thought of my Keurig ceasing to function is dreadful. However, I’m aware that it’s bound to happen at some point. The real concern is, when will that be?

How Long Does A Coffee Maker Last

A Keurig espresso maker that is utilized commonly has a life expectancy of roughly 5 years. All things considered, the maker offers a one-year guarantee. On the off chance that you take great protection from your espresso creator (e.g., clean it now and then), you have a decent possibility it will endure way more than 5 years. 

How To Increase The Life Of Your Coffee Maker

A spic and span espresso producer is as clean as a whistle. What’s more, to keep it that way is the most ideal approach to guarantee it stays ready to rock ‘n roll for quite a long time. An espresso machine that is utilized will become grimy. 

It is also a reality that on the off chance that you never clean your espresso creator, it will ultimately separate. The development of espresso build-up and limescale because of the water going through the machine are the main sources of gunk-related breakdowns. 

Along these lines, the way to keep your Keurig espresso producer good to go is to clean it intermittently.

Along with this, you should keep your coffee maker clean that will help in order to increase the life expectancy of a coffee maker.

Why You Need To Clean Your Coffee Maker Regularly 

As the espresso channels through your machine every day, it leaves behind a build-up that amasses drastically over the long haul. A large portion of this build-up is a characteristic oil from the espresso beans. At the point when this build-up isn’t eliminated consistently through profound cleaning, it will make your espresso taste progressively unpleasant. 

More than that, the run of the mill espresso producer might be home to many various strains of microscopic organisms. These components are ingested by you with each taste of espresso. Some can make you debilitated, and others might track down in your colon. Cleaning your espresso producer consistently is fundamental for ideal medical advantages and to keep your espresso tasting incredible. Discover how having a spotless home is fundamental for wellbeing. 

Cleaning With Lemon Juice 

Lemon juice is acidic and has similar properties to white vinegar. Notwithstanding, the lemon juice has a lovely smell and is additionally reasonable. You can get other regular cleaning supplies from Amazon. 

  • Run straight lemon juice or marginally weakened juice through the espresso pot similarly as you would do in case you were profoundly cleaning with white vinegar
  • Run clean water through the framework for a considerable length of time to flush the lemon juice out. 

Utilizing Liquid Dish Soap 

In case you are happy with dismantling your espresso producer, you can utilize a fluid dish cleanser to clean the parts. 

  • Dismantle all lodging and practical parts. 
  • Wash these parts by utilizing a fluid dish cleanser and water. 
  • Wash them completely before reassembling the coffee maker
  • After the coffee maker is reassembled, cycle new water through the framework again to guarantee that the entirety of the cleanser has been eliminated. 

Eliminating Grime With Salt And Ice Water 

Ice and saltwater are an incredible mix to use for descaling the development in the carafe and other removable parts. 

  • Consolidate squashed ice and table salt in the carafe. 
  • Utilize a fabric or a huge spoon to rub the ice and salt against the inside of the carafe. 
  • Flush and wash the carafe and different parts in the dishwasher. 

Cleaning With Baking Soda 

Baking soda is a non-harmful cleaning item, and its basic properties make it a compelling cleaning item also. 

  • Blend some warm water in with a quarter-cup of baking soda
  • Run this equation through one cycle in the espresso producer. 
  • Flush the framework with new water on more than one occasion. 

Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide 

The sanitizing properties of hydrogen peroxide can likewise be utilized to produce superb outcomes. 

  • Consolidate two cups of water with one cup of hydrogen peroxide. 
  • Run the blend through your espresso creator’s ordinary preparing cycle. 
  • After this cycle has blended, flush the gear by preparing new water through a cycle or two. 


Cleaning your coffee maker is a must as no one wants their coffee machinery to break down in the morning which could lead to a very dull rest of the day. This will help to increase the life expectancy of a coffee maker and one can easily use it for long!

Cleaning your coffee maker is not difficult and time-consuming. It is a simple process that could help you out a lot in the long term.