What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Keurig Coffee Maker

For many individuals, coffee is an essential part of the morning routine, and like numerous Americans, my day often begins with a cup brewed from a Keurig coffee maker. The thought of my Keurig malfunctioning is something I dread. Yet, I’m aware that it’s bound to happen eventually. The real concern is, when will that be?

How Long Does A Keurig Coffee Maker Last

A Keurig espresso maker that is utilized commonly has a life expectancy of roughly 5 years. All things considered, the maker offers a one-year guarantee. On the off chance that you take great protection from your espresso creator (e.g., clean it now and then), you have a decent possibility it will endure way more than 5 years. 

How To Increase The Life Of Your Keurig Coffee Maker

A spic and span espresso producer is as clean as a whistle. What’s more, to keep it that way is the most ideal approach to guarantee it stays ready to rock ‘n roll for quite a long time. An espresso machine that is utilized will become grimy. 

It is also a reality that on the off chance that you never clean your espresso creator, it will ultimately separate. The development of espresso buildup and limescale because of the water going through the machine are the main sources of gunk-related breakdowns. 

Along these lines, the way to keep your Keurig espresso producer good to go is to clean it intermittently.

Ways To Keep Your Keurig Coffee Maker Clean

Cleaning and keeping up with your espresso producer may appear to be an overwhelming task from the get-go. However, it isn’t hard in any way. Many parts can be eliminated from the machine for simple cleaning. Some of them are even dishwasher safe.

Way 1

Take out the supply and its top, the trickle plate, and its cover. Then, cautiously eliminate the K-cup holder and the pipe under it. If you don’t have the foggiest idea of how to eliminate these and can’t sort it all alone, make certain to take a look at your manual. It would be a disgrace to break your espresso creator while you are attempting to take great consideration of it. Be cautious when you are attempting to eliminate the K-cup holder and pipe. There is a needle in there someplace (this cuts the K-cup when you blend espresso). 

For cleaning the removable parts, there are two alternatives: 

  • Soak them in warm sudsy water for 15 minutes and afterwards flush and towel dry them. Utilize a toothbrush or a delicate wipe to clear off any buildup that isn’t drenched off. 
  • Wash the removable parts in the top rack of your dishwasher. Try not to put them in the base rack. It gets more blazing there, and you may harm the parts.

Way 2

While the removable parts are splashing or are in your dishwasher, utilize a wet towel to clean the outside of the Keurig. Utilize a similar material to eliminate any development of grime from where the K-cup holder and channel go. At long last, make a point to clean the base piece of the machine where the dribble plate goes.

Way 3

The undetectable pieces of the espresso creator need cleaning as well. Particularly limescale development can stop up your machine and cause it to separate at last. Here are ways on how to go about it: 

  • Fill the water repository with unadulterated white vinegar. There is no compelling reason to fill it, midway is sufficient.
  • Mix (without a K-cup in the holder) until the vinegar runs out.
  • Eliminate the repository and wash it completely with warm water. 
  • Fill the repository to the top with new water. 
  • Mix (without a K-cup in the holder) until the water runs out. 

The vinegar will separate and eliminate any calcium stores (limescale) in the repository and the tubing of the Keurig. Eliminate all build-up of vinegar from the machine before you blend any espresso with it. 

By and large, running a full supply of new water through the machine will get out any vinegary taste. Make certain to smell the first few blends from the supply of new water. On the off chance that you can’t smell any vinegar, it is no more.


Cleaning your Keurig is a must as no one wants their coffee machinery to break down in the morning which could lead to a very dull rest of the day. Cleaning your Keurig is not difficult and time-consuming. It is a simple process that could help you out a lot in the long term.