What Home Coffee Maker Makes The Hottest Coffee

In the United States, coffee is a staple in many households, with the average person reportedly drinking about three cups daily. While coffee preferences vary widely among individuals, this article is specifically for those who prefer their coffee served hot.

Coffee makers come in a variety of types and designs, but not all of them can create extremely hot coffee. The Specialty Coffee Association of America advises brewing coffee with water temperatures ranging from 90 to 96 degrees Celsius (195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit).

As long as your coffee maker can reach these temperatures, you’ll be able to produce delicious coffee. Many people have asked me to evaluate coffee machines that create the hottest coffee, so I’ve been combing the internet for a few decent models.

So, if you’ve been seeking such models, this is your lucky day since I’ve got a fantastic pick for you.

Benefits Of Using A Coffee Maker That Brews At 205 Fahrenheit

High temperatures are preferred while brewing coffee for a purpose. To begin, scientists believe that the finest taste components in coffee grinds dissolve easily at temperatures ranging from 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Extending the temperature range is not a good idea since it will result in the dissolution of undesirable chemicals.
  • Brewing at low temperatures, on the other hand, implies that the water will not dissolve the essential chemicals, leaving your coffee flavorless.
  • You’ll have to wait for your coffee to cool a little once you’ve prepared it at the proper temperature. Coffee serving temps vary according to personal preference.
  • Just make sure the coffee isn’t too hot so that it scalds your tongue. Let’s have a look at the machines that are designed to make coffee at the proper temperature.

Redline MK1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer

If you are searching for a coffee maker that is outstanding to the typical coffee brewer, you might consider the Redline MK1. It’s an amazing beast with a plethora of jewels to extol.

The appearance alone is amazing, so you can leave the brewer in the kitchen without it being an annoyance. This is one of the SCAA-certified coffee machines. Let’s take a closer look at what the Redline MK1 has to give.

Incredible Performance Of Redline MK1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer

The Redline MK1 is well-known for producing excellent coffee. It is one of those coffee makers that allows you to drink your favorite coffee.

How? It was created to brew at high temperatures for the best extraction. You will be able to brew extremely hot coffee with this coffee maker since it can reach temperatures ranging from 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Redline MK1 has a pre-infusion mode, which distinguishes it from other coffee machines. In fact, it’s one of MK1’s main selling features.

This model guarantees that the contained CO2 is released by the coffee grinds, enabling the brew to bloom and have a good flavor.

Basket Size Of Redline MK1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer

The basket of the Redline MK1 is large enough to hold enough coffee grinds for 8 cups of coffee. We generally use 8 grams (or 1.5 teaspoons) of coffee grinds per cup of coffee as a rule of thumb. As a result, this coffee maker would be able to handle about (up to 12 teaspoons of coffee grounds).

Elegant Design Of Redline MK1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer

As much as you want a coffee maker that makes the best coffee, you should also seek one that is visually appealing. Surprisingly, the Redline MK1 exudes class and elegance, making it an excellent choice for any kitchen.

It also includes a well-designed, leak-proof carafe. This coffee maker has a plethora of great features that have been meticulously designed.

It features a largemouth, water reservoir, for example, which makes pouring a breeze. Second, it includes a simple drip lever that allows you to halt the drip whilst brewing.

Pros Of Redline MK1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer

  • It produces delicious flavored coffee.
  • Coffee is served hot.
  • It comes with a 2-year guarantee and a 60-day return policy.
  • It makes coffee quickly.

Cons Of Redline MK1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer

  • Because the machine is largely made of plastic, it is not as long-lasting.


The Redline MK1 is a one-of-a-kind offering on the market. The coffee maker has a lower price tag, but it has some pretty amazing features and functionalities. These choices all contribute to a high-quality coffee beverage.

In summary, a simple coffee maker with no fancy features like programmability or timing. The pre-infusion provides coffee grounds a jump start for full saturation and flavor extraction, resulting in a more uniform extraction of coffee.