How to Use a Coffee Maker for Hot Water

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Have You Ever Used Coffee Maker For Hot Water?

Coffee machines are now everywhere. People love coffee, so they made their life easy by having a coffee maker at home. Nobody wants to run towards a café early morning wearing a nightdress just to grab a coffee cup.

Coffee makers are now available in many sizes and features. It doesn’t matter if you live individually or with a family; you can enjoy coffee in a single-serve coffee maker or buy a 12 to 14 cups capacity machine.

Except for coffee, use a coffee machine for hot water as well. This hot water can be used for many purposes. Let us know more about it in this article.

Can You Make Hot Water in a Coffee Maker?

Stovetop coffee makers can be used to boil water. They are the best way to boil water as the closed chamber heats up much faster inside. This allows the coffee maker to provide a quick source for boiling water.

How Hot Does the Average Coffee Maker Get?

The average coffee maker can start pumping water out the shower headway before it heats up all the way.

Some coffee machines start the flow in the 140-degree zone.

Some coffee makers don’t work well when they get old, and their working starts declining with time because of mineral buildup on the heating element or inner tubes and other internal parts.

Coffee makers certified by the Specialty Coffee of America SCAA are far more likely to get water up to the 200-degree mark. These SCAA certified coffee machines are fairly affordable and reliable as well.

What are the Benefits of Using a Coffee Maker for Hot Water?

So there are quite a few good things to having this feature: some things you would expect and some you might not.

Saves Electricity

Using a coffee maker for hot water saves electricity. Coffee makers boil water faster than the stovetop.

Saves Time

Coffee makers heat water faster than the stovetop, and hence a lot of time is saved.

Use to Sterilize Objects

You can “technically” sterilize objects in the pot, and since the pot stops at a certain temperature, you need not fear it overheating and scorching the item if it falls to the bottom of the pot.

There are many other benefits of using a coffee maker for hot water as it saves time and money. I think it is well worth using a coffee machine for this purpose in the long run.

Can we Use a Stovetop Coffee Maker for Hot Water?

You can also use a stovetop coffee maker for hot water. It is also an efficient method than a regular coffee maker; however, it will consume more energy and be dangerous.

For that, make sure the coffee grind chamber is cleaned out in case the pot boils over. If the pot boils over, it can fill the chambers, and the pressure then pushes the water out through the coffee grinds area, which will leave a bad taste in the water.

I recommend that if you are going to sterilize anything, I would recommend using a stovetop maker or some other method, as the caffeine could cause issues with sterilizing items like pacifiers or things of the like.

How to Use a Coffee Maker for Hot Water

For Tea

 You can use a coffee maker for hot water when you are making tea. Sometimes we are not in the mood of having coffee and would love to have a cup of tea. Who bothers to get up and boil water for it when you have a coffee maker?

So we can use a coffee maker to get hot water when making a cup of tea.

For Instant Coffee

 Some people love instant coffee. It needs hot water to get ready, so we can use a coffee maker to get hot water. It saves your time boiling water on the stovetop as the coffee maker does it quickly.

For Instant Soup

If you are a soup lover then you can get instant hot water for your instant soup. Fill the water reservoir with the required amount of water and brew it. That’s it! Your hot water for instant soup is ready. Enjoy!

Bottom Line

In short coffee maker can produce water that suits the most needs you have for hot water. However, it is not the most efficient way to get hot water for different purposes. Unless you are using the hot water to make tea or instant coffee. There are many other methods and equipment you can use to get a better and more efficient result.

Cleaning a coffee maker before using it for hot water is important. Else, you will get a bitter taste in water. If the coffee machine is not clean, it will have mineral residues, which affects the taste of water.