How To Use Kettle Coffee Maker

This Is How To Use Kettle Coffee Maker 

It’s common knowledge that there are countless methods to make coffee, and honestly, there’s no right or wrong way—it simply boils down to personal preference. These methods may or may not require a conventional coffee machine. Indeed, some of us have a preference for the old-school approach. Alternatives include using a French press, Moka pots, or coffee percolators. A particularly noteworthy method is utilizing Kettle Coffee Makers. This method ranks among the top for pour-over coffee brewing techniques and consistently produces excellent coffee. However, it does require a bit more vigilance. Despite maybe having seen or even owning a kettle coffee maker, using it might not be straightforward. In this article, we’ll cover how to effectively use a kettle coffee maker. It’s important to note that kettle coffee makers distinguish themselves from typical kettles and operate similarly to other coffee machines. Continue reading for a deeper insight.


What Is A Kettle Coffee Maker And How Is It Different From Other Kettles

A Kettle Coffee maker also known as gooseneck coffee spouts has a signature look like that of a gooseneck and that is where it assumes this name from. This signature look was mainly for the coffee-making process and that is its main difference from a regular kettle. It basically heats water which you can use for pour-over coffee and the neck was made that way to regulate the flow rate of water into the coffee grounds. The use of Kettle coffee makers requires extreme care because a little bit of mistake can mess the whole process up. Temperature is an important aspect of coffee brewing, so if you’re using a kettle coffee maker, you have to keep the temperature in check. Although, there are electric kettle coffee makers that will let you regulate the temperature of the water and some other manual ones have a built-in thermometer. 


Is Using A Kettle Coffee Maker A Great Option 

While using a kettle coffee maker might be a great option, it might not be so for everyone. It will be a great option for you if you like the pour-over method of coffee brewing, but if not, there is no reason why you should use a kettle coffee maker. Although it makes good coffee, it also requires a lot of care and attention because a simple mistake can mess the whole thing up. If you also like it traditional, then this is a great option for you. It is also a good option if you don’t really care how much time you have to spend brewing but only wants a good cup of coffee. Before you decide on using this method, make sure you can be patient, you can be careful and you want to pour-over coffee. If you’re all of these, then a kettle coffee maker is a great option for you. 


How Exactly Do I Use It 

Although it requires a lot of care and attention, using a kettle coffee maker is easy and we will consider the steps. 

  • Fill the kettle with water and bring to a boil. Make sure you measure the temperature to make sure it is not too hot. Too hot water will result in burnt coffee taste and not-hot-enough water will result in a weak coffee. Make sure the temperature is just okay. To get an adequate temperature, it is best if you use an electric kettle coffee maker because they will let you regulate the temperature for brewing. 
  • Place a paper filter in a funnel that is perched over your coffee mug. Measure out the desired amount of coffee and pour it into the filter. Using a coarse-grind coffee will bring the best results. It will also be great if you can use freshly ground but if not, you can just use pre-ground coffee. 
  • Once the water has hit the right temperature of about 195-205 °F, stop boiling. Let it sit for about 30 seconds. 
  • Pour the water over the coffee grounds slowly. This will allow the coffee to be well saturated and result in properly extracted coffee. Give 30 seconds breaks when pouring. 
  • Swirl the coffee in your mug and enjoy. Will you now agree that it’s easy? 

What Benefits Should I Expect 

The main benefit of using a kettle coffee maker is that you get pour-over coffee. Pour-over coffee mostly has adequately extracted flavors. It also gives you full control over your brewing and can also help you control how much coffee you make. While regular coffee makers might make great coffee, many of them will over large pots, and you might get stuck with a whole lot of coffee that you might not be able to finish. Using kettle coffee makers will help you control just how much coffee you want. You can even decide to brew one and a half cups if you want to. And, this is not possible with a regular coffee maker



There are a whole lot of coffee brewing options out there that you can choose from. This ranges from espresso machines to regular drip coffee makers and so much more. But, if you love the pour-over coffee more, then a kettle coffee maker is great for you. Just because it might not be very popular does not mean it doesn’t make good coffee. With the right level of patience and care, you can pull off an amazingly tasting cup of coffee with a kettle coffee maker. When buying, make sure you go for the most sophisticated ones that will make the whole process easier. For instance, if you’re using manual kettles you will have to frequently measure the temperature, but you can totally avoid that now because there are electric kettles that do a great job too. Just that the stress of measuring the temperature won’t be there because they will let you regulate the temperature. Go on ahead and enjoy your pour-over coffee.