How To Clean A Bosch Coffee Maker

Do you have a Bosch coffee machine or brewer at your place? If that’s the case, are you fully aware of how crucial it is to clean and descale it on a regular basis?

On the off chance that you disregard this cleaning task at an ordinary span, you may wind up blending terrible and unfortunate espresso for you and your relatives. 

Along these lines, you must follow appropriate support and customary descaling of your espresso creator. 

Cleaning and Descaling A Bosch Coffee Maker

This cleaning system is quite extensive and it considers the cleaning of practically every one of the pieces of your machine. 

The main thing you should do is take out the water tank of your machine situated toward the back. 

Top off the water tank with 17 ounces (around 500 ml) or more and measure clean water with the assistance of a glass estimating cup

Presently it’s an opportunity to take out 2 Bosch descaling tablets from the pack and add them inside the water tank. 

The fundamental benefit or the advantage of utilizing descaling tablets is their capacity to wipe out limescale buildup and forestall the framing of calcium inside your espresso machine. 

After you add the descaling tablets to the water, you should take out the yellowish T plate from the rear of your espresso machine

It is generally situated at the most minimal posterior. Spot it inside the front mix top of the machine and snap down the cover appropriately. 

You will likewise have to put the water tank at the back in its unique situation before you start the cleaning system. 

Presently, take out the espresso mug stand put it under the fundamental espresso outlet. Also, place the unfilled estimating glass cup in its place. 

You should press the principle “Start” button for no less than 5 seconds to start the total cleaning and descaling interaction.

When you press the beginning button for something like 5 seconds, then, at that point the whole cleaning cycle will occur in around 20 to 30 minutes. 

At the point when you see the Orange light is ON, that is an ideal opportunity to realize that the machine has done its computerized cleaning methodology. 

Presently, take out the glass estimating cup which is currently brimming with filthy and messy water that came out from the primary outlet. 

Toss that water in the kitchen sink or simply offer it to your home plants. 

After this interaction is finished, you can take out the water tank, wash it appropriately and clean it again with the water. 

Top off the water tank again with the spotless water and spot it back in its unique position. 

You may be considering eliminating the help plate now. In any case, don’t do it yet. You will in any case require it. 

Open the front cover or blend head again and simply close it again while the cleaning T plate is inside. 

Presently, we need to rehash the primary cleaning technique here to clean the whole machine completely and appropriately. 

Spot the vacant estimating glass cup on the cup stand once more. 

Press the beginning button again for only 1 or 2 seconds and not for 5 seconds this time. The subsequent cleaning interaction will start now. 

When this short cleaning measure is done, take out the filled estimating cup and discard the messy water. 

At the point when this whole second stage cleaning is done, you can open the front cover and take out the cleaning administration circle and put it in the posterior where it was initially found.

Presently for the last cleaning stage, you will simply have to wash the T Disk Holder or Filter Cartridge Holder and piercer outlet.

As referenced before, you can not wash these parts in the dishwasher as it can cause material harm. 

Thus, it is encouraged to wash and clean these parts alongside the water tank with your hands under the regular water. 

When you clean these parts appropriately with the water, introduce them suitably at their unique positions. 

Meanwhile, you can utilize a quality microfiber fabric to clean the standardized identification peruser arranged inside the mix head or front top. 


At the point when you see the red light becomes ON, you need to comprehend that its chance to clean and descale your Bosch espresso brewer. 

It is recommended that you follow this descaling method each 2-3 months at your home. This likewise relies upon your recurrence of utilization. 

Cleaning and descaling of your machine consistently is truly significant to keep it working for a longer time frame.