Pet Parents Help Combat Side Effects of Chemo For Dogs Using CBD Oil

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One veterinary diagnosis capable of sending a pet parent to the deepest level of heartbreak is cancer, and all that goes with that dreaded disease. Coming to terms with the fact that the condition is fatal is challenging in itself but reckoning with the potential misery pup may need to endure with the treatments meant to help him can be wrenching.

Since the discovery of cannabidiol and its research indicating the possibility for helping animals cope with the symptoms of the illness, pet parents and their dogs can face the battle a little more confidently.

The vet’s care plan will typically include chemo and possibly radiation, which often come with tough side effects for some dogs. But CBD oil boasts an ability to reduce the symptoms helping puppy experience a much smoother path. Learn if cannabidiol is a safe choice for your canine at .

When Puppy Faces Treatment For Cancer

Cancer is a very complicated disease that, sadly, commonly plagues dogs. In most cases treatment consists of chemotherapy, radiation, and potentially surgery. There is also the possibility of all three depending on what stage the cancer has reached.

Once the vet determines the diagnosis, the care plan will be developed based on the animal’s condition. In most cases, vets opt to surgically remove tumors or at least as much as possible. There are instances where chemo or possibly radiation therapy will be required. Which type the vet uses will be dependent, again, on the present condition, the dog, and the overall health.

People who do not have experience with canine chemotherapy will instantly imagine the worst, but it is not what you would anticipate as in the case of a human’s cancer treatment. The animal will experience side effects, but a healthy dog generally will not feel the effects until a few days after receiving the treatment, and these should dissipate after approximately 48 hours. Some animals only have a mild sensitivity with merely a case of feeling a ‘dullness’ with a case of lethargy.

But there are pups who have a great sensitivity who will endure extreme side effects which in some ways can be similar to those experienced in a human capacity, including gastro symptoms, minor hair loss, irritation of the skin, and nerve pain. The experience for each breed, each individual dog, will vary significantly.

An important thing to remember as a human companion, chemotherapy for your fur baby is meant to be more palliative in nature where this type of treatment on the human level is created in an effort to cure a condition and is meant to be supremely effective. In saying that, the pup’s treatment won’t be intrusive, but will improve the condition while giving few side effects.

CBD’s Role With Cancer In Dogs

The consensus is that cannabidiol really is capable of helping with this disease, not only with the management of symptoms associated with the condition, but side effects those suffering are exposed to. With certain tumors, evidence indicates the compound can potentially fight their spread and the possibility of new developments.

Research is in its early stages, and most studies completed have been done involving lab rats or other artificial mediums. There is no indication of any kind that cannabidiol or any compound associated with cannabis can cure cancer.

The only indication is that the substance has the potential to assist in reducing the symptoms associated with the disease and the treatments used to manage the condition. Albeit it’s still okay to hold on to hope. For factors you should think about when considering CBD as an option go here.

Anecdotally, there is a substantial portion of the population administering CBD oil, treats, or capsules to pups enduring a cancer diagnosis, along with the subsequent symptoms and side effects of treatment.

According to anecdotal studies, pet parents are finding significant success with the products, visit petcbdcommunity to learn about the substance and the range of options. CBD oil purportedly manages pain and inflammation symptoms and helps with curbing gastrointestinal disturbance, which can bring nausea and vomiting.  Ultimately, it helps with appetite.


Final Thought

CBD along with the various compounds associated with cannabis and hemp aid in the fight of cancer in its diverse forms – early research suggests. The substance cannot be considered as a cure. It is not a cure for cancer. The compound is merely a substance that pet parents can utilize as a means to help their canine deal with the symptoms associated with the dreaded disease and cope with the potential side effects they may experience with the treatment methods the vet imposes.

Pet Parents Help Combat Side Effects of Chemo For Dogs Using CBD Oil 2


But in and of itself, the idea that CBD oil can potentially achieve these results makes it worthwhile to ensure puppy has the optimum in his remaining time. As a pet parent, you do not want to believe that your dog is in any way suffering, but you don’t want to lose them prematurely either. Cannabidiol allows you an extension of quality time together.

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